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Eloreen reviews Galactic Treasure (Earth Con 2) by Theodora Marie Adams (Published by Changeling Press, September 11, 2014, 99 pages)

This book was provided free of charge by the author for an honest review.

Why I read this book: This week is ‘Pick For Me’ where each reviewer got to pick a book from our backlist for another reviewer to read and review. Bethany picked it for me because I love MMM and it was only 99 pages. Time has become very precious and fleeting, but I’m trying to get back on the reviewing bandwagon. 🙂




Connor Masterson has finally managed to take some time off and go to Earth Con. For three days and nights, he’s going to get his geek on without worrying about work or the latest edition of his science fiction manga. He never expected to find two men who embody all his dreams and fantasies there and certainly not right after signing in.

Neither Valvik nor Zaraheed are looking forward to their current assignment: go to the Earth Con located in Austin, Texas and track down any and all rumors on the Ark scrolls, an ancient collection needed for the betterment of their dying people. Neither warrior expects to be drawn to a human, especially the same one.

The two men are determined to stay as low key as possible while searching for the scrolls, but that might be hard to do when an intergalactic killer wants the scrolls for himself.

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If you have read my prior reviews, you’ll notice a theme. I’m a big fan of ménage, especially three men. Apparently my co-reviewers know me well. That or I can’t get enough of them. I think the last couple of Pick for Me options have been MMM… 🙂

I like short stories and this definitely fits the bill. At only 99 pages, it’s a nice hour and a half read. I also read fast. It’s science fiction and fantasy about a convention (also a fan of in person and in reading) that is on Earth called Earth Con in Austin, Texas USA. Note that it is part of a series but all 5 books are by different authors and they appear to be standalone. However, I may have missed some nuances since I started with the second book as it was not very clear if regular humans knew about the aliens or not. And there are aliens, apparently a lot that go to this con. I might have to read the others to get the full deal in the universe. The first book is a MMF menage and the start of what I call mixed parings series. I will probably read them as I do read MF too.

In addition to the confusion about if the aliens are known, it seemed like there were little details missing and I expected more information but never received. While a little odd, it wasn’t enough to not enjoy the book and it was great watching Valvik and Zaraheed “convince” Connor to be with both of them. It’s not a threesome in the sense that all parties have a relationship with each other. It is more that Connor is between Valvik and Zaraheed. Which is a fine combination and not all menage relationships are sex between all parties. It does have a little bit of suspending disbelief in that Connor accepts the truth of their existence better than expected, but that is touched upon within the story. Theodora does a great job getting words to flow to see their happy ending. It’s not clear if it’s happy ever after or happy for now, but it is definitely happy. Thank you Theodora for a lovely story that I wish was just a little bit longer so I could get to know the characters more.

With this, I give Galactic Treasure 8.5 pots of gold.


8.5/10 Pots of Gold



Theodora is an avid traveler who discovered Japanese manga and anime in her youth, closely followed by yaoi. She’s been in love with pretty boys who love equally attractive men since then. Theodora can usually be found in a local coffee shop drinking black tea and typing furiously.



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