‘Gimme Shelter’ by K-lee Klein #LGBT #CoverReveal # Giveaway


I want to give a warm RGR welcome to K-lee Klein for stopping by today to share the cover for her newest book ‘Gimme Shelter’.  She is also graciously offering a copy of an ebook from her backlist or a copy of ‘Gimme Shelter’ when it releases.  Let’s give a big RGR hello to K-lee.



Bas and Syd lead similar lives. Both world-famous musicians, they live in the spotlight, with all the good and not-so-good trappings of fame.

Theirs should be a perfect match, but cultural differences and family obligations may prove insurmountable, even for two hearts beating in perfect harmony.

Coming May 26, 2017 from K-lee Klein

Excerpt (unedited)

Torrential downpours weren’t common in Nevada or Los Angeles, but having fate step in to literally rain down on his parade—his escape—seemed par for the course.

He was cold, wet, and positively miserable. It didn’t matter how snugly he wrapped his coat, how far he shoved his soaked gloves in his pockets, or how purposefully he hid his head in the hood, his every physical cue and emotion screamed…miserable. The water that seeped through the thin fleece of his hoodie drenched his hair and dripped in his eyes, making the possibility of seeing two feet in front of him even more impossible. To top it all off, his spirits were dampened while a small fire of regret and anticipatory fear, frazzled a small part of his brain.

After his first hitched ride had dropped him off, all he’d wanted to do was go back. There was absolutely nothing about rain or cold that he enjoyed, but the damning conditions were the only thing leading him to the freedom he desired, that he so desperately needed. It was through the inclement weather that he’d finally reach the man his heart ached for and his spirit desperately craved–the man he loved.

He’d give up everything for those two things—freedom and love—if only fate would be on his side this once. Just this one time.

But first he had to get to Syd and that meant finding a taxi on the worst night of the year. At least he hoped it would be the worst for a while. Because, honestly, he wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

K-lee Klein loves guys with long hair and tattoos, and you’ll often find her front and center at her favorite rock concerts. She has bounced around Western Canada all her life, but will always consider the solitude and beauty of the British Columbian mountains home. Her life is blessed as the proud mother of three now-grown but still spoiled kids, the servant of two bossy felines, and the wife of a truly patient husband.

Her writing muse is terribly temperamental, so to keep him close by and in check, she had him inked on her left calf. The gorgeous, long-haired, mostly naked, kneeling angel that resulted is truly a work of art, although he’s still a handful and hopelessly uncontrollable. She writes on his schedule and inspiration.

K-lee tends to fall easily into obsessions. When something grabs her attention, she jumps into it headfirst with complete abandon. Actors, musicians, superheroes, fictional characters, and brainwashed assassins all hold spots on her cannot-get-enough list. She once followed Thirty Seconds to Mars around the United States and Canada and saw them perform fourteen times that year. Obsession sometimes leads to ideas for her kneeling angel to turn into stories.

Although an introvert in person, she’s extroverted online and has met many wonderful friends there, sometimes with the added fun of meeting them in person at gay romance conferences. She’s grateful for all the people in her life who accept her as she is and support her through her ups and downs as mom, wife, and joyfully obsessed writer.

Places to find K-lee.

Website – kleeklein.com

Blog – http://chaosinthemoonlight.blogspot.ca

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Klee_Klein

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kleemoon

Facebook author/reader group (K-lee’s Krazies) https://www.facebook.com/groups/812548795471921/

Comment on this post for your chance to win:

An eBook from K-lees backlist or an eBook of ‘Gimme Shelter’ when it releases.

You need to be 18 years or older to participate. Void where prohibited. Etc.

This giveaway will end on May 5th, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST. Good Luck!



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