A Token of Time by Ethan Day #LGBT #Review #Romance #SciFi #2-by-1

Eloreen Moon reviews A Token of Time by Ethan Day. 2nd Edition Self Published March 4th 2017 (first published April 20th 2012 by MLR Press), 355 pages.

Blurb: The murder of Zachary’s lover and a mysterious connection to the recently deceased legendary matinee idol, Marc Castle challenged everything Zachary knew to be true – to believe that the impossible, was possible. On the run from his family, Zachary Hamilton was cursed with a gift he neither wanted nor asked for. The recent murder of his lover unleashed a chain of events revealing Zachary’s connection to the recently deceased legendary matinee idol, Marc Castle. Attempting to unravel the mystery behind the movie star, Zachary encountered an ancient relic shrouded in history and folklore, leading to a discovery so shocking it altered his very existence — challenging everything Zachary knew to be true — to believe that the impossible, was possible.

Why I read this book: Here at RGR, we are always looking for ways to change up the themes we review each week. Bethany suggested it to Wendy and I and we ran with it. This is a 2 by 1 review, meaning two of us review books from one author and post them back to back. Wendy picked Anything For You and I picked A Token of Time. You can read Wendy’s review Here. Over three hundred pages were a little daunting but the blurb and cover was so compelling, especially the Eye of Ra on the cover, that I had to read it to see what it was about. I’m so glad I did.
Ok. Warning. I’m going to gush a bit. I really like this book. Really, really. Liked it so much, I considered re-reading to make sure I could experience everything again. Ethan did a masterful job covering contemporary 2008 and 1950s Los Angeles, California area. I could almost feel the breezes described and the sand in between my toes. The paranormal was inspirational and realistic, and the artifact in question was a believable reason for things to happen. I felt Zachary Hamilton’s love as he went through having a first and second chance with love and his anguish as he discovered powers he didn’t know he could do. The sex that happened was wonderful and perfect for the story. It was not all sunshine and roses with family for Zach, as family was  definitely out to get him in a very physical and paranormal way. The ending is a happy ever after and I’m deeply satisfied with how things came together, especially when certain people get their just desserts. You’ll know who I’m talking about when you read it. While not quite what I expected Ethan to do to resolve the issue presented, it worked out very well, and I’m still smiling about it now.  Maybe I will read it again just to be sure…
I’m not much of one to spoil plot so I will stop gushing any more detail now, and tell you that you need to read this, especially if you like time travel/science fiction/paranormal aspects. I did have a little bit of trouble with the switching between past and present in the beginning. Everything started flowing after the first chapter, and I was able to lose myself into the story just fine for the rest of the book. It was possibly a technical glitch since I see the info I thought should be there on my computer just fine while I finalized this review. Not sure what my Nook was doing. *smile*
Overall, a solid 9.5 pots of gold out of 10 for A Token of Time, a phenomenal story that weaved itself into my heart and I expect it will settle into yours.
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Where to add:

I am a gay man living in Missouri. I can hear the gasps already!! How very un-chic of me, yes I know. It was here I was born, and here I have stayed.

I’m currently single, but always looking for that special someone that makes my heart skip a beat as well as being able to put up with neurotic litte ‘ole me. The worst thing about being a romance writer is finding a real-life hottie who can live up to the fantasy I create in my head and subsequently thrust upon him before actually getting to know him. I can hear you getting all judgie, it’s an occupational hazard! To all my past and future boyfriends, my sincerest apologies, I can’t help myself!

I was the youngest of four children and the only boy, so needless to say, I was spoiled rotten. I’ve always had an extravagant fantasy life. When I played with my Star Wars action figures as a child, I liked to make up my own stories. Naturally, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were totally meant for each other, and Princess Leia made a bitchin’ wise-cracking fag-hag.

I somehow managed to survive high school living in a small racist town in Southeast Missouri and emerged unscathed, realizing life was too short to pretend to be anything other than who I was. I was the little homo that could. So damn it, I did! It was all very Lifetime Movie Network meets After School Special, I assure you.

After a few stints in college, I eventually signed up for a Creative Writing course. I took the class because there were no tests. For once my scholastic laziness paid off, and I found an outlet for all the fantasies running amuck in my head. It was love at first write, and I’ve been doing it off and on ever since.

Now I’ve decided it’s time to un-barricade the doors and unleash my imagination onto the world. So very sorry world!! My fantasy life is now available for public consumption and I’m desperately hoping you’re really, really hungry.

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