Reader’s Choice: What book should Dana read next? #LGBT #Poll #Spotlight

Hi, Everyone! It’s Reader’s Choice time and we at RGR are asking you the readers to choose a book for us to review. I will share the covers, blurbs,and buy links for 5 books below. I hope you find them interesting enough to pick up for yourself, but please vote for which one you would like me to review in the poll below.

There are two weeks for you to vote, and then two weeks for me to read and review the book with the highest votes.

I am a big fan of romance and mystery, but I like pushing my boundaries and going outside of my comfort zone, so I am looking forward to finding out what you pick for me. Feel free to leave comments on this post about what interested you most about the book you picked. Thank you! 🙂

The Craving by Z. Allora 

(Erotic Romance, Science Fiction, M/M)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press | Length: 280 pages

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Blurb: The craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.

Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craving. But he never accounted for star chaser Zadra Solav.

Zadra doesn’t believe in rules and makes his own future. Fate separates him from the man he loves, but one touch renders him helpless to his own desires. Bonding with a monk is forbidden, and Zadra’s family sends him to deep space to avoid disgrace. Unable to give up, Zadra must find a way to reunite with his Chosen.

Tormented by enforced separation, Initiate Riva Quinton struggles with his vow of chastity and risks all to rescue his lover. Together with his Eros, he stows away onboard a star craft to follow his heart.

Four men defy destiny and tradition for love… but their love is a crime punishable by death.

What Everyone Deserves by Dan Ackerman

(Historical, Paranormal)

Publisher: Supposed Crimes Publishers | Length: 222 pages

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Blurb: In this 1950s period drama, Junius is a New York City fertility demon with a crush. Ever since falling from heaven he’s been alone. Except for the mothers and children he watches over.

James Kelly Rosenburg, a black soldier with snowflakes in his hair, walks right into his life with a big problem. James Kelly, turned vampire during the war, is new to New York and its prohibition against vampire killing in city limits.

Junius offers to teach him to overcome his bloodthirsty instincts and live a proper Manhattan life. Their growing friendship leaves them both conflicted as they explore a city both welcoming and alienated by their kind.

Rufus + Syd by Robin Lippincott and Julia Watts

(YA, Gay, Lesbian, Contemporary)

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press | Length: 204 pages

Buy links: Publisher | Amazon | B&N | Add to Goodreads

Blurb:  Vermillion, Georgia, is the small town that time forgot, or at least that’s how it feels to fifteen-year-old Rufus. As if being a scrawny ginger called “Matchstick” isn’t bad enough, Rufus is also gay, an artist, and the son of conservative religious fanatics. He doesn’t have a prayer of fitting in in the Bible Belt—at least not until he meets Syd, a spiky-haired girl in black eyeliner. Sick of being the adult her mother can’t seem to be, Syd hides behind a snarky attitude and takes refuge in classic movies, and eventually, her friendship with Rufus.

As isolated as they feel in Vermillion, Rufus and Syd soon discover they’re not as alone as they thought. Josephine, an aging free spirit who once ran a repertory cinema in Chicago, and Cole, a middle-aged gay man living with a brain injury as a result of a violent homophobic attack in his youth, offer help as the two teens struggle to discover who they are, what they want, and where they might belong. But not everyone in their town is so freethinking or open-minded.

When things become unbearable, where do two outspoken atheists turn? Trusting in each other and standing together is their only chance of making it through the opposition on all sides

Shelter Me (Heven, Book 1) by Megan Reddaway

(Dystopian, M/M)

Publisher: Self Published | Length: About 210 pages

Buy links: Amazon | Add to Goodreads

Blurb: Love and survival—is it too much to ask?

Leo Park is an empath on the run. He’s escaped the secret research facility where he’s been held since he was six years old, but how can he survive without being captured? He has no money, all his ideas come from old movies, and he’s carrying his baby brother, smuggled out in a carton.

Cole Millard lives by his own rules in the Oregon woods, refusing to fear the world war that’s coming closer every day. Now his freedom is threatened by a naive 19-year-old with a baby in tow and a spooky way of knowing what Cole is feeling. But Leo is vulnerable and desperate. What’s a guy to do?

Shelter Me is a dystopian gay romance novel set in a not-too-distant future, with a hot backwoodsman, a desperate fugitive, a six-month-old baby, and the world on the brink of an apocalyptic war.

Length: 66,000 words (approx 210 pages)

Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean

(M/M, Mystery)

Publisher: Blind Eye Books | Length: 350 pages

Buy links: Publisher | Amazon | Smashwords | Add to Goodreads

Blurb: London.

Detective Sergeant James Henderson’s remarkable gut instincts have put him on a three-year fast track to becoming an inspector. But the advancement of his career has come at a cost. Gay, posh and eager to prove himself in the Metropolitan Police, James has allowed himself few chances for romance.

But when the murder of barrister Maria Curzon-Whyte lands in his lap, all that changes. His investigation leads him to a circle of irresistibly charming men. And though he knows better, James finds himself enticed into their company.

Soon his desire for photographer Ben Morgan challenges him to find a way into the other man’s lifestyle of one-night stands and carefree promiscuity. At the same time his single murder case multiplies into a cruel pattern of violence and depravity.

But as the bodies pile up and shocking secrets come to light, James finds both his tumultuous private life and coveted career threatened by a bitter legacy.

Z. Allora |-> Website

Z. believes in soul mates, love at first sight, and overcoming all odds to find happily ever afters. Born in Upstate NY, Z. Allora and partner have spent the last fifteen years together traveling across the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These travels provide the inspiration behind many of the detailed settings and characters throughout Z.’s work. Z. received a Master degree in Psychology and Bachelor degrees in both English and Philosophy. (though Z’s editors would probably question the English degree). Z. is both a writer and a huge fan of M/M romance as well as Yaoi. It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. Z. thinks all writers and publishers of M/M are promoting equality, since everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Dan Ackerman |-> Tumblr

Dan Ackerman is a Connecticut-based writer and educator. Their first book, What Everyone Deserves, is available now.

Robin Lippincott |-> Facebook

Robin’s latest book is BLUE TERRITORY: A MEDITATION ON THE LIFE AND ART OF JOAN MITCHELL. His collaboration with Julia Watts, RUFUS + SYD, a novel for young adults, will be published in spring 2016. Robin is also the author of the novels IN THE MEANTIME, OUR ARCADIA, and MR. DALLOWAY, as well as the short story collection, THE ‘I’ REJECTED. Robin’s fiction has received nominations for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the Pushcart Prize, the American Library Association Roundtable Award, the Independent Book Award, and the Lambda Literary Award. For ten years he reviewed mostly art and photography books for “The New York Times Book Review.” His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in over thirty journals, including “The Paris Review,” “Fence,” “Bloom,” “American Short Fiction,” “Memorious,” “The Literary Review,” “Provincetown Arts,” “The Louisville Review,” and “The Bloomsbury Review,” and his fiction has been anthologized in M2M: NEW LITERARY FICTION, REBEL YELL, and REBEL YELL 2. He has held many fellowships at Yaddo, as well as a fellowship at the MacDowell Colony. Though born and raised in the south, he has lived in the Boston area for many years. He teaches in the low residency MFA Program at Spalding University.

Julia Watts |-> Website

Perhaps because I grew up in rural Appalachia right along the Kentucky/Tennessee boundary, I like to explore and push boundaries in my fiction. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid, and unfortunately, my parents still have some of my earliest, crayon-illustrated work to prove it. As an undergraduate at The University Tennessee, I studied literature instead of creative writing because I was too nervous to set foot inside a workshop. I overcame my workshop phobia in graduate school at the University of Louisville, where I earned an M.A. in English with a creative writing thesis, a collection of short stories. Like most novelists, I started out writing short fiction, but I soon found my stories growing like overfed goldfish cramped by the confines of their small bowl. I wrote my first novel, Wildwood Flowers, in 1996, and Barbara Grier at Naiad Press agreed to publish it. Three more novels for Naiad followed.

When Barbara Grier and Donna McBride at Naiad announced their intention to retire, I was left with a nearly finished manuscript for a young adult novel and no idea of where to send it. Remembering Alyson Publications’ history of publishing gay and lesbian teen fiction, I sent it to them and was delighted when they snapped it up. The novel, Finding H.F., ended up winning the 2002 Lambda Literary Award in the Children’s/Young Adult category. I was at the awards ceremony in New York to accept my prize, though I was hugely pregnant and resembled Shamu in my black-and-white cocktail dress.

I took a break from writing novels for a year or so after my son’s and then went back to graduate school through Spalding University’s low-residency program, earning an M.F.A. in Writing. Then the feminist press Spinsters Ink rose from its ashes and published my next novel, Women’s Studies. In 2007, Spinsters published what is perhaps my favorite of all my novels so far, The Kind of Girl I Am, which went on to be a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in the Women’s Fiction category.

My current series of projects began with Kindred Spirits, a mystery/suspense novel for middle-grade readers which I wrote because my kids begged me to write something for them. Kindred Spirits was released by Beanpole Books last year. The second book in the series, Free Spirits, will be published this fall. As is probably obvious from my bio, I love to write, but when I’m not writing, I enjoy other people’s books, movies, theatre, and cooking. I teach at South College in Knoxville, Tennessee, where I live with my family and far too many pets.

Megan Reddaway |-> Website

Megan Reddaway has been entertained by fictional characters acting out their stories in her head for as long as she can remember. She began writing them down as soon as she could.

Since she grew up (more or less), she’s worked as a secretary, driver, waitress, and flower-seller, among other things, but she always has a story bubbling away at the same time. She lives in England.

Dal Maclean |-> Website

Dal Maclean comes from Scotland. Her background is in journalism, and she has an undying passion for history, the more gossipy and scandalous the better. Dal has lived in Asia and worked all over the world, but home is now the UK. She dislikes the Tragic Gay trope, but loves imperfect characters and genuine emotional conflict in romantic fiction. As an author, and a reader, she believes it’s worth a bit of work to reach a happy ending. Agatha Christie, English gardens and ill-advised cocktails are three fatal weaknesses, though not usually at the same time.
Her first book, “Bitter Legacy”, is a 2017 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for best Gay Mystery.

4 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice: What book should Dana read next? #LGBT #Poll #Spotlight

  1. I picked Shelter Me. I haven’t read any of them but I don’t think you can go wrong with dystopian stories , you kind of know what to expect but there’s always a shocking detail or surprising development that you don’t.

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