Ice Hockey Heat: Part 1 (Ice Hockey Heat #1) by Gin LaSalle #Review #Short #Hockey

Melissa reviews Ice Hockey Heat: Part 1 (Ice Hockey Heat #1) by Gin LaSalle Published October 1st 2014, 37 pages.

Ice Hockey heat 1Matt Perriseau, rising star forward of the Flat Top Rattlers, has it all going for him. His pro hockey career is taking off, but sometimes he can’t stop thinking about what he left behind.

Now he has no choice but to face the past when he’s up against his old lover’s team!

On the ice with Jakob Wikstrom in goal for the opposition, Matt finds himself distracted by memories of their secret romance. The tall Nordic god of a goaltender used to set Matt on fire, and the second they lock eyes across the rink, Matt knows that fire hasn’t gone out.

Ice Hockey Heat is a steamy tale of jock erotica that details what happens when old lovers reunite and can’t keep their hands off each other!
A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I have been on a hockey themed trend of late and thought this one would fit right in.  I was right!!!


Yes, I did give this 8.5 pots, and even though it’s a very short story, it was well written and gives you a lot of information. I felt like I knew these men, Jake and Matt, because it took only a few sentences to show their history together, their friendship and their love (though they’ve not spoken that aloud).

The intimacy between these two is scorching hot and shows just how very much they care for each other, cherish the other. They are hiding their relationship from their teammates, but they don’t come across as resentful or bitter. They treat it very matter-of-factly and although there are times they don’t keep in touch regularly, they don’t get upset when that happens. I liked this short no drama romance between two professional hockey players. It hit all the romance sap buttons for me, lol.

Just one little niggle at the end is they still don’t vocalize their love for the other. They do clarify that they are in a monogamous relationship, but “I love you” is not spoken. Only Matt’s POV is provided, and he knows that Jake loves him, and Matt loves Jake; why they don’t say it I don’t know. Perhaps because it will make things that much harder to be apart? They play for two different teams so are not together a lot. I completely felt their commitment to each other and can see them retiring from pro hockey and settling down together.

Very sweet short story; I do recommend.

Pot Of Gold 8half


Where to buy: Amazon (3 book bundle)


Gin LaSalle: sports fan, man appreciator, and filthy filthy smut writer. Gin lives in a quiet house on a snowy mountaintop, happily churning out naughty stories about men who are very bad (with other men).


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