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Wendy reviews ‘Blue’ by B.G. Thomas. Published by Dreamspinner Press May 15, 2017, 240 pages.

Blue McCoy has lived on the streets for a long time, surviving by his wits and doing what he must, and he’s not above using his youthful appearance and air of innocence to his advantage. It’s not an easy life, but he’s happy. He has everything he really needs: the clothes on his back, a house to squat in, a sweet dog. Everything except that special someone to love him.

Six months ago, John Williams’s wife left him because she was bored. “Even your name is boring” were her last words to him before she walked out. Now he’s by himself in a big house, trying to figure out what direction his life should take. He’s never been so alone.

A chance encounter sets John on a new path, a path that becomes clearer when loneliness sends him to a local animal shelter to get a dog—and he finds an angel instead. An angel named Blue. A crisis brings them together, but it is something else that keeps them there. Could it be love? A love that can forever end two men’s deep loneliness and bring them the support and sense of belonging they’ve searched for all their lives?

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I won a copy of this book from the author in a contest.
Why I read this book: 
I loved the character Blue in Hound Dog and Bean and was so super happy to see that he got his own story. He needed his own story.
I occasionally connect with a secondary character, but rarely do I want to see more of one as much as I did with Blue.
This is a stand alone novel, but I encourage you to read the Hound Dog and Bean first in order to get the most from this book.
So…. I knew that Blue was going to have a heartbreaking story, and he does, but the amazing thing to me was just how happy he is. Always looking for the bright side of every situation. I love, love, love that about him! Even living with a rag-tag group of friends in a run down house that they’re squatting in, Blue finds things to be happy about. Mainly it’s his new friend Chewie, a labradoodle. They have just recently adopted each other, keeping each other warm and sharing chicken nuggets. I love that this character, even for having been on his own since he was young, still has a sense of responsibility. So when Chewie gets hurt, Blue is willing to do whatever he can to help him.
This is where we start to see some crossover characters, and they’re just as delightful as they were in Hound Dog and Bean. It’s also where Blue meets John. John is also a wonderful character, he’s one of the great guys that are steadfast and loyal. Unfortunately for him, that meant being rather blind to his, and his soon to be ex’s needs. I really felt for him. Once he meets Blue (again, since he’s already had a chance encounter with him that leaves a lasting memory), things finally start to happen for him in a way that is enlightening. I liked that even though this character is a bit confused, he still is willing to take a chance to learn and embrace the person he’s always meant to be. Even though he really struggles with their age difference. It doesn’t matter at all to Blue and it makes a bit of a hurdle for them to overcome. These men are wicked hot in-between the sheets, and their chemistry just sizzles.
This is a sweet May/December romance and it’s just perfect for when you want a gentle, happy book. B.G. Thomas just writes the loveliest stories.

B.G. Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband for nearly fifteen years and was legally married in 2014. Ehey have a fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane. He sees his wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn’t there! He has a romantic soul and is extraordinarily lucky to have many friends.

He loves science fiction & fantasy, horror, romance and more, has gone to SF&F conventions his entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers. He is a “Star Trek” and Joss Whedon fan from way back!

He has written all his life, it is where he finds his joy. In the 90’s, he wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted him to cut out story and romance, and write only sex.

Then through a few friends, he discovered the growing market of M/M Romance and was thrilled beyond words. FINALLY, a way to write the stories he always wanted to write. Adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, and more, but with gay characters. And he wouldn’t have to fade to black! People wanted to read the erotic as well. Plot and sex! HURRAY!

B.G. Thomas very much believes in The Law of Attraction and that “thoughts become things.” A lot of things all started happening at once. He heard the words, “Leap, and the net will appear,” and something re-kindled inside. He sent out a story and was thrilled when it was almost immediately accepted.

He believes that we are divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone. “It is never too late!,” he states. “Pursue your dreams! They will come true!”


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