The Palisade by Rosalind Abel #LGBT #Review #ReleaseDay

Dana reviews The Palisade (Lavender Shores Book 1) by Rosalind Abel (Published by Wings of Ink Publications, June 20, 2017, 296 pages) A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Confident businessman Joel Rhodes sees the small California town of Lavender Shores as nothing more than a business transaction and a final stepping stone to the position he’s been working towards his entire life. It was supposed to be nothing more than one night in town to close the deal, and sleeping with one of the local men, no matter how gorgeous, meant nothing more than a few hours of fun.

Andrew Kelly is perfectly content with the life he has in his hometown. So much so, that that only thing missing is someone to share it with. Going to bed with a tourist was never meant to be the answer to his dreams, just a beautiful distraction. He could get back to looking for Mr. Right the next day.

Both Andrew and Joel’s worlds are turned upside down when a few hours of pleasure gets extended to a couple of days. Even that shouldn’t be a big deal. You can’t fall in love in that amount of time, that isn’t how works. However, if destinies collide, a few short days may be all it takes to find your soul mate. Even so, when secrets and motivations get tangled, destiny may do nothing more than leave two hearts in pieces.

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I read this story because I had read other books from this author under a different name and enjoyed them. I was looking forward to seeing what this new name and series would hold, and I was not disappointed.

The story is set up to be a sweet romance, but a few lies on one of the main character’s part ensures that it won’t be an easy road to happily ever after. Andrew is a happy guy, he has a loving and somewhat embarrassing family. And he LOVES living in Lavender Shores. He acts as if all he wants is random hookups but underneath his reserve, I can see there is more to him. Joel is not looking for a relationship either. He’s only in town to do business, but he is very attracted to Andrew. Though he appears very self assured and content with his life, he doesn’t seem happy.

The attraction between the two men is immediate. They are very self aware and acknowledge that their insta-love is out of the ordinary, that it shouldn’t happen so soon, but they aren’t so stubborn that they deny what they have is special. For that reason, I really love the characters and can totally buy into their romance. Like I said above, a secret is being held that can and, of course, will change everything. It’s one of those moments that you want to yell at the characters to be honest from the start because you know the consequences will be worse later.

I thought the author did a great job of getting us through the emotional climax of the story to the characters finding their happy ending. I loved the character growth, especially in Joel. The secondary characters are awesome too. Andrew’s father is hilarious. The rest of his family is supportive and caring, too. I hope his brother Lamont will have a story eventually, too. His best friend definitely has a story that needs to be told and it looks like it will be next. I’m very excited for that.

As for any differences between the author’s new series and their other books, is there might be more sex. It’s not overwhelming in any way though. The plot in the book is definitely there. I definitely recommend this book. It’s a great start to what looks to be a great series.

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

Rosalind Abel grew up tending chickens alongside her sweet and faithful Chow, Lord Elgin. While her fantasy of writing novels was born during her teen years, she never would have dreamed she’d one day publish steamy romances about gorgeous men. However, sometimes life turns out better than planned.

In between crafting scorching sex scenes and helping her men find their soul mate, Rosalind enjoys cooking, collecting toys, and making the best damn scrapbooks in the world (this claim hasn’t been proven, but she’s willing to put good money on it).

She adores MM Romance and the power it has to sweep the reader away into worlds filled with passion, steam, and love. Rosalind also enjoys her collection of plot bunnies, and welcomes new fuzzy ones in her home all the time, so feel free to send any adorable ones her way.

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