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Wendy reviews Her Name by Alicia Joseph. Self published, second edition released April 2, 2015, 145 pages.

Madison Andrews has spent her entire life ~unsuccessfully~ searching for love. She begins having vivid dreams of the same woman every night, and soon, Madison believes this woman is the love she has been searching for. Madison’s dreams become more intense and she realizes the dreams she’s having recreate moments taken from actual events from her life ~~ and this woman is there for all of it. Madison searches for her, but how can she find a woman she knows everything about… and yet nothing? She doesn’t even know her name.

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Why I read this book: this weeks theme is Pushing Boundaries. FF generally pushes my boundaries because out of all the things that I love to read and the fact that I can usually read anything except rape scenes with children (I refuse to read those), the only other thing that makes me back away from a book is the “C” word. Unfortunately that is used freely in most of the FF books that I’ve read. The blurb to this book sounded interesting though and I took a chance and bought the book. I’m not sorry I did.

Her Name was a fast read. I read it in one sitting. Even if it were a longer story, I don’t think that I could have stopped reading until I was finished.This story, about a woman named Madison was engaging right away. I was immediately drawn into her life and dreams. It starts out with a dream that I think we would all like to have regardless of gender. The dream has deep emotional meaning and all of the dreams in this book are filled with a love so strong you can feel it. She sometimes loves the dreams and sometimes hates them because they are connected to events that happened in her real life. It all felt remarkably real to me, like something that if someone shared with me, I would have trouble NOT believing them. I’m an anomaly though because the characters in the book are convinced that Madison is on a futile quest to find the woman in her dreams and are at one point worried for her sanity. The determination that this character has to find the love of her life is inspiring and the time that she gets to spend with her dream woman is absolutely chock full of feels! This story was very well written and even though it doesn’t have the conventional HEA, it has the ending that it should have. It was thought provoking and I cried more than once while reading it. the secondary characters are realistic and bring so much to the story. I loved the paranormal aspect of the book and I can only tell you to read it and find out on your own because- spoilers. Oh yeah, one of the best parts for me? The “C” word wasn’t used once! I will be re-reading this book when I want a good dose of feels.


Alicia Joseph grew up in Westchester, Illinois. Her first novella, Her Name, was first published by Musa Publishing in 2014. Her Name is a sweet, romantic love story about a woman who believes the beautiful woman she dreams about is the real love of her life.

Her second published novella, Loving Again, is a story about two women who begin a relationship, and soon discover that one moment in their past had brought them together in a way neither woman could have ever imagined.

A Penny on the Tracks, a coming of age story about love and friendship will be released October 2017.

Alicia has many works-in-progress that she hopes to finish soon.

When she is not writing, the author enjoys volunteering with animals, rooting for her favorite sports teams, and playing “awesome aunt” to her nine nieces and nephews.

Please visit her blog at http://www.aliciajoseph.com

She can also be found on her Alicia Joseph Author Facebook Page, as well as on Twitter @AliciaJAuthor

You can email Alicia at AuthorAliciaJoseph@gmail.com

Thank you!

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