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Wendy reviews Eternity by Casper Graham. Published April 15, 2017 by JMS Books LLC, 29,972 words.

Dylan Johnson has recently discovered he’s a witch, a true necromancer, to be exact. But frankly, he doesn’t know how to juggle being a new kindergarten teacher and practicing his long-dormant magic. To complicate things, he’s trying to help solve six mysterious, seemingly unrelated, supernatural deaths.

Aurelius Chatzis is one of the detectives in charge of the Supernatural Crimes Division. As a vampire almost three thousand years old, he can’t understand his immediate attraction to Dylan. Their close proximity during the initial stage of the investigation, in addition to his partner’s nosy interference, eventually leads to a memorable first date.

Unfortunately, the mounting danger of the multiple murders will test the strength of Dylan and Aurelius’s new relationship. Will it survive and last for an eternity? Or will it crash and burn from the pressure of it all?




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Why I read this book: I read this book because I knew that the author works with several publishers and I asked him to choose one that he wanted me to represent here. I would have liked to chosen them all, but unfortunately that would have been a lot of books to review for this week lol. I would like to acknowledge them here quickly though. This author publishes through: JMS Books LLC, Siren Publishing, and Evernight Publishing.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a stand alone novella and absolutely fit the bill for me. I love the characters even though they are described as interracial, I never was able to find any indication of this. I totally could have missed it, but I still didn’t see that and it would have been nice to have an interracial couple represented. I know that the author does have several stories where this is the case and it’s one of the reasons that I love his work so much! Dylan is a sweet character who is very accepting of his new lot in life. He totally embraces his new role as the most powerful witch in existence as well as being the only true necromancer. One of the qualities that he has is his intelligence and that’s shown effectively throughout the book. He’s a new kindergarten teacher as well as taking on the role of assisting the government in the supernatural crimes division or S.C.D. where he partners up with Aurelius who’s a vampire and Moira who is a siren. I liked Aurelius, who is some three thousand plus years old, but one of the things that I had a problem with was his language and mannerisms. He’s super old and powerful, yet the way he talks only reflects that some of the time. Other times he uses slang and they kind of clash a bit. There’s also the fact that he could have been a bit more confident in his dealing with Dylan as a love interest. I do wish that it read a bit more smoothly although once they get going and comfortable with each other things seem to even out between Dylan and Aurelius as love interests and they have some of the best sexy times ever.

I am always in awe of an author who can put together an entire story from start to finish in a novella and that’s exactly what happened here. There was quite a bit of backstory to learn and this author was able to pull it off with friends, family, secondary characters that really bring tons to the story as well as a mystery and sexual chemistry. Casper Graham writes some of the best stories and I like this representation of the paranormal world. I also like that even though there is always plenty of gritty, erotic sex, he can balance it with making his characters have morals and values. They are just good guys and that’s really nice to see. This could have easily been a longer story, but it works very well as a novella and to be honest, there’s just sometimes when I really only want to read a short story that I don’t have to think about too much and Casper Graham came through for me here with this one.


8 1/2  out of 10 Pots of Gold


I write because it’s a passion. I write because I have stories to share with the world. I write because I need a creative outlet.

Sometimes, my head is filled with so many competing ideas/thoughts all at once that I simply have to put them all into words. I always have my smartphone with me, including shower time, because the muse hits me at unexpected moments and I don’t want to lose the ideas later.

I’m currently dating a wonderfully supportive and loving man, someone who is willing to accept my shortcomings, someone who is willing to tolerate my idiosyncrasies… Four years and counting… The journey has been long and difficult, but we have our good moments. He has a love/hate relationship with the fact that I sometimes include a part of our stories, but I enjoy writing “US” into the stories anyway. =)

I hope that you will all join me in my writing journey and get a glimpse into my life through my stories.

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