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Wendy reviews Hard For My Boss by Daryl Banner. Self published on August 3, 2017, 781 pages due to extra content for your kindle if bought through Amazon.

Trevor, the young summer intern, is totally SCREWED.
Working at Gage Communications is an opportunity of a lifetime.
But will Trevor be able to handle it? Or will he succumb to the tension?
The tension is in his pants, by the way.
Between a heavy workload and a hunky, controlling boss, Trevor’s summer just got a lot hotter and harder than he bargained for.
This is a hot and hilarious male/male romantic comedy with an HEA and NO cheating.
BONUS CONTENT: Your special Kindle edition also comes with TWO complimentary male/male stories! After you read Hard For My Boss, you can enjoy two novellas from the Brazen Boys series: “Dorm Game” and “Straight Up”
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Why I read this book: I was looking for a sweet low angst RomCom. The blurb sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I’ve read this author before and like his work so I knew I would enjoy this story.

It’s been awhile since I’ve literally LOL, but guys… GUYS! I was reading this in bed while my SO slept peacefully beside me and I woke him up twice with my laughter. It’s such a cute, sweet book with some serious funny thrown in.

Trevor is just the sweetest character. He’s got a plan with his college roommate to intern at the “in” place to get an internship, work super hard and go kick butt in the real world once they graduate. He’s always been studious and conscious of the money that his parents saved for him to get his chance and he’s more than grateful (I kinda wish all kids were as appreciative as Trevor). He’s also naive having spent all that time studying didn’t give him much (any) social life and he’s maybe a bit repressed. Meeting his boss and the unusual situations they find themselves in over and over really helped him find himself and it was nice to watch this self discovery.

Benjamin aka Ben to Trevor, was a character that I didn’t know if I would like at first. I thought that he might turn out to be more of a player than he was and that was a pleasant surprise for me. That the only long term relationship he had up to this point was with his dog Lance made me wonder if he was capable of having a real relationship with Trevor. Especially since he has it all… money, a big name, a great company that he started from the ground up, access to celebrities. I really enjoyed watching Ben and Trevor navigate not only a relationship, but a working one that they are trying desperately to keep hidden. They have some of the hottest sexy times I’ve read in a long time. Daryl Banner can really write some steamy scenes!

The story was so much fun and these two find some big trouble to get into. The secondary characters are great and I know that I’m going to be re-reading this one again and again.   It’s a short, sweet, funny story and don’t forget that there is extra content with the kindle version.

                                                                                               9 1/2 out of 10 Pots Of Gold

Daryl Banner is an author and composer who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston Honors College with a degree in both Theatre and Psychology. During his time in college, he wrote, composed, and produced a musical under Tony Award-winning musical and Theatre producer Stuart Ostrow, as well as two original plays produced under the mentorship of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson, who also mentored Daryl through the writing of his very first novel.

In addition to new adult and M/M romance, Daryl also writes post-apocalyptic fantasy as well as dystopian. He is most inspired by the smart and unlikely hero, but urges you (the reader) not to fall in love with them; they may deceive you with their innocence.

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Fun facts: Daryl is also an obsessive piano player, video game enthusiast, and performer. He’s been remixing video game music for over fifteen years. You can feed your ears with his remixes and original music on his YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/DarylBanner

He also composes original soundtracks that accompany his books and series. You can listen to and download them here: http://darylbanner.bandcamp.com

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