RGR Trans Aware Event Kickoff: #LGBTQ+ #Interview #GuestPost #Spotlight #Giveaway #Review

Welcome everyone, and thank you for stopping by as we kick off RGR’s Trans Aware Event.  Each week we have a specific theme for the books that we are going to review.  After certain tweets came to light proposing a ban on trans military members we here at RGR decided to dedicate a week to books with trans characters, or books by trans authors.  Then we thought let’s reach out to these authors and see if they would like to add a guest post or possibly an interview.  So Marc went to Facebook, and contacted a few publishers to pass the word on to their authors letting them know if they would be interested.  

The emails started.  And they kept coming, and they didn’t slow down.  I was shocked at the response we were getting.  Authors who wanted interviews, authors that offered guest posts, giveaways, spotlights, and review copies of their books.  Authors who just wanted to help in anyway we needed.  They wanted to help, to participate, and to promote. This was so outstanding and wonderful it left me speechless. (Not an easy task according to my hubby.)  

After reading these wonderful authors responses, and the blurbs to their books, and their reason they wanted to take part in this event left me in tears more times than I can count.  So, like I said above, the emails just kept coming in. Within a few short days we had so many authors answer the call, that we talked about having 2 maybe 3 posts a day just to get them all in.  

But what a disservice that would be.  Not just to the readers but to the authors that are offering their time and talent to help make this event awesome.  These authors have given blood sweat and tears on their books.  They are taking time out of their busy schedules to write guest posts, answer interview questions, and offering free books as prizes.  So we thought why not spread this out to two weeks, giving each author their own day.  Thus turning our trans review week into #RGRTransAwareEvent.

Each day there will be either a spotlight, guest post, or interview, sometimes more than one.  I have read these guest posts, and their interviews.  I have read the blurbs and author bios. I have added many of these books to my TBR list.  I have learned so much more about the “T” in the LGBTQ+ rainbow.  And that is what we hoped we could deliver to you.  A new, or better understanding of the trans community.  So please enjoy, come back each day, comment and let the authors know your thoughts, and thank them for helping be a voice in our community.  

The entire RGR team: Marc, Bethany, Dana, MtSnow, Eloreen, Wendy, & Melissa

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