‘Trans – Trap (Volume 1)’ by Ms. Fifi Frost #LGBT #RGRtransAwareEvent #Review

Wendy reviews ‘Trans – Trap (Volume 1)’ by Ms. Fifi Frost. Self published August 6, 2017, 210 pages.

What happens when small town bigotry meets big city progressiveness? Trans-Trap! Trans-Trap is the latest work by Ms. Fifi Frost. Fifi won the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award for her riveting memoir, Rusted Rhinestones. Trans-Trap is not your usual coming of age story. Meet Jamie and Chris, two teens attending Chicken Foot High School, in Chicken Foot, La. They learn first hand how a rumor can destroy lives. We learn just how far some will go to keep a lie alive. Jamie learns that he will never fit in, as he is set on a path to self-discovery while facing what seems to be impossible odds along the way. From white supremacist to crooked law enforcement. With a plot ripped straight from today’s headlines and a storyline worthy of the silver screen. Trans-Trap will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions, wondering what will happen with each page turn. Follow each character, some you will love, some not. Written with humor and compassion, Trans-Trap is sure to be a story you will not soon forget. Adult themes, and language earns this story a trigger warning and is not for children.
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Why I read this book: This is the third book review that I’ve submitted during our RGR Trans Aware event. I’ve bought the other book that Ms. Fifi Frost has published this far but haven’t read it yet. Of course the title led me to believe that it would fit right in with our event, and so did the blurb, but I bought and read this book because all of the proceeds from the sale of her books go to help start an LGBTQ shelter for homeless youths.
This book is exactly what I would call a real “dish session”. It reads just like you’re sitting at the narrator’s kitchen table with a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea and getting the dirt on the entire town. One of the things that I want to point out is that this author wrote this book with no differentiating between the narrator, the characters thoughts and their words. It was the first time I’ve read a book like this and I’m not sure if it was done deliberately, but it was a little confusing for me at first. As I read along, and knew to pay very close attention, I was able to “understand” who was saying what a bit easier. It certainly is a story that has TONS of things happening at all times and most of it really juicy.
Jamie is the MC in this story and he’s just a sweet kid that being brought up in a small southern town with small southern ideals, doesn’t even know about sexuality and where he falls on the orientation spectrum. He does know that he only has one friend, Chris, who is straight and  that he has an abusive father. He tries to stay out of trouble and only wants to leave the little town of “Chicken Foot” to go to a music school and play the piano. But because of a circle of women who love to stir up the hornet’s nest and will create any lie to do just that, he finds himself grieving the loss of his best friend, beaten and moving because he’s surely in danger if he stays.
Then things start to really heat up. It was like having a bird’s eye view into almost every person in Chicken Foot. It was an amazing rendition of how one thing leads to another and how people that lie have to continue to tell bigger and bigger lies until I don’t know how they keep track of which lie went with which event. It also showcases how people of a certain mentality will stick together and the lengths they will go to in order to protect their friends and family. I laughed so many times at the little quips that the author throws in, like saying “Bless your heart” when they really mean something entirely different. I cried and was angry more though for the injustices that happen in this book. It has lots of feels folks! I think I ran through almost every emotion I have. I loved some of these characters and I absolutely couldn’t dislike others more than I do. But that I felt so strongly for the characters at all is a testament to Ms. Frost’s ability to tell a story that’s engaging.
So, I’m not sure that I can even call the secondary characters, well… secondary. They are every bit as important to the main story as Jamie is and they each have their own drama happening. But they are AWESOME and so is the story which turns into a murder and suspense thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. Yes, there are trans characters in this story and yes our Jamie is one of them. I did enjoy this book even if it was written in a way that I’ve never come across before, it was a good story and I would recommend it even if you’re like me and need to pay extra close attention. There’s lots and lots happening at all times and Ms. Frost has a real grasp on what makes these people tick.
I am very proud to say, Rusted Rhinestones has won the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Non-Fiction Ebook. Thank you all. Hello, my name is Ms. Fifi Frost, and yes I am an Old Southern Drag Queen. I have dedicated my life to the goal of EQUALITY for the LGBTQQ communities. I have survived many challenges in life, and want to inspire others with my life’s story. From my being 5 years old and stomping cotton, to my battles with family, organized religion, anti gay conversion therapy, human trafficking, brutal hate crimes, being homeless as a minor, as well as institutionalized and government discrimination. How one kid beat the odds and found a family, a family of friends. My work with homeless LGBTQQ youth was part of my platform, being on a national reality show in 2014. The plight of so many homeless LGBT kids. As you will read in my book, Rusted Rhinestones I know all too well the life ahead of these kids. I have lived it. I am very proud to have kept my humor through out it all. There is adult content, I know from my dear online family this is not an easy book to read. I thank you for your time and as always Big Hug’s Y’all!!
Trans Trap, Release summer of 2017. The story of small town bigotry that leads to unimaginable outcomes. For-Never Love, Release summer of 2017. The story of greed, murder and just what some will do for money. Dust, Release fall of 2017. Science fiction story of a medical crisis caused by an out of this world meteorite. Oath Of Office, Release winter of 2017. A political thriller that follows our candidate from his humble beginnings to the white house. With one big secret. Big hugs y’all, together we will change the world!! Thank you so much for all of your support.
Trans Trap is now available, Trans Trap is not your typical coming of age story. Meet Chris and Jamie. Two American teens growing up in a small town that happen’s to be run by the white supremacists. When a classmate starts a rumor about the boys, all hell breaks loose. This story seems to be ripped directly from today’s headlines. I am sure Trans Trap will not be a book you will soon forget.

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