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Wendy reviews ‘Gibralter’ (English Edition) by Cristina Bruni. Self published December 22, 2017, 77 pages. A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Benjamin Scott is a fair man and a fearless sea captain, but his heart is broken. A while back, during a fierce battle in the West Indies, he witnessed the death of his best man, Jack, who fell into the sea before Ben had the chance to confess his love to him.

In Gibraltar, he happens to run into a stranger, John, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his lost love. A friendship grows between the two men, soon turning to love. This time, will Benjamin find the courage to confess his love, before losing John as well?






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John moved closer and pressed his mouth on Benjamin’s again. He explored his hot lips, tasting, nibbling. John’s tongue pushed against Ben’s teeth, sweetly, like a gentle greeting. Benjamin moaned in desire, and felt a twinge in his loins as his lips parted in surrender.

It felt like the world around them had stopped spinning, and they were still moving only because of inertia, waiting to run out of energy before stopping.

John was soft and inviting. Ben lost himself for a moment. It was pure desire and pleasure. Suddenly John bit his lip, and that mild pain broke the spell. Benjamin suddenly shook and jumped to his feet.

“What are you doing?” His voice was panicky, an octave higher than usual.

“I’m kissing you.”

“Why in the world would you do that?” the captain asked, overwhelmed by a dizzying swirl of shock and joy. It was what he wanted, exactly what he’d been hoping for since time immemorial. So, why in the hell was he so terrified?

“I thought that we. . .” John broke off, biting his lower lip. If he was trying to find the right words, he apparently didn’t succeed.

“Well, you thought wrong!” Benjamin replied, using his last shred of resistance, struggling to not surrender completely to the pleasures of the flesh. He quickly backed away, collapsing on the chair in the far corner of the room.

“If I’ve upset you somehow, I’m sorry.” John stared at his hands. “I hope you can forgive me. But the. . . relationship you and your friend shared was so special—I thought maybe we could also. . .” The words died in his throat, like snow melting in the sun, and he couldn’t continue.

Benjamin started babbling nervously. “You have no idea what it was like. You weren’t there. And you could never replace him anyway!”

John suddenly looked up, and the two men’s eyes locked. The deep sorrow and disappointment Ben saw in John’s eyes made him realize how harshly and foolishly he’d just spoken. The words had just spilled out, and now he desperately wished he could take them back.


First, I would like to congratulate Cristina Bruni on the release of ‘Gibraltar’ (English Edition). This is the second book that she’s translated for us English speaking folks to enjoy.

So… this is a short, historical romance. Let me just say that I could have read it forever because OMG, Cristina absolutely NAILED IT! 

The story takes place in Gibraltar where Benjamin has his ship in dock for repairs. While there he meets a man who looks like the love that he lost. The way that the author completely captured the importance of the time was a thing of beauty. Telling the story in such a way that we readers truly can understand the way romantic love was an art form in those days.

Sometimes I think that we, for all of our technology and industry have gotten the short straw when it comes to something as important as romance and love. There was no doubting the sincerity or depth of feelings of the MC’s as they made their journey. They took their time, not so much with the romance, but with life in this story because they actually had time to take and it made the story that much richer.

I love both of the characters. Benjamin captured my heart because I felt his struggle to embrace the chance at having love again and John because he is such a tender soul. I cried because I was happy and I cried because I was sad for them, they made my heart full. There is a lot of emotion in such a short book and I was both surprised and delighted that Cristina was able to accomplish all of that.

This is for real, a sweet, sweet romance that has just the right amount of angst to pull at your heartstrings and an abundance of love. I know that this will be on of my comfort reads from now on. I’m so glad that the author translated this book!


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Cristina Bruni lives in northern Italy with her husband and their child. She’s already published in the US the M/M sport novel “Seven Days” by JMS Books and many other novels with the Italian publisher Triskell Edizioni. Since she was a young girl, her biggest wishes were being a mother and an author and now, after fighting for it for years, she finally succeeded in both. She loves travelling abroad, going to the cinema, reading Sherlock Holmes, luxury bags and playing tennis and golf. She’s madly USA-sick and UK-sick. She made her debut writing fanfictions and, now, her new wish would be writing love Male-to-Male stories for the rest of her life and living on a beach in Hawaii.

Maybe dreams will come true again, sooner or later…


Author’s contact:

Blog https://cristinabruniauthorblog.wordpress.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CristinaBruniAutrice

Twitter https://twitter.com/Cristina__Bruni

Instagram https://instagram.com/cristina.bruni/

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7164783.Cristina_Bruni


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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt the book sounds really good, also thank you for the review. The book it’s going on my wish list.

    shirleyann2400 (at) gmail (dot) com

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