Murder Club: Slash One by Kol Anderson #Review #MM #LGBT #Horror #Novel #Violence

Erryn reviews ‘Murder Club: Slash One’  by Kol Anderson. The ebook was published January 15, 2018, 32 pages. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: It is serial/cereal week and this fit perfectly. 

The Murder Club is a group of people who enjoy killing as a sport.
Jamie gets caught up in the world of deception and murders when he seeks out Alarik Reeves, who is one of the prominent members of the club. Somehow, he ends up meeting the club members, but things get out of hand when his new friends demand the craziest things. Will Jamie be able to look at the abyss and still come back?


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My Review: 

This is going to be a short review. Fitting for a book that is either a long short story or a short novella. But who really cares? No one should because “Murder Club” is just that good.

First, the standard warning: this is NOT a romance, and to say the least, it is violent. It’s about murder, so that should be self-evident, but what is clear is that each murder is unique—method, motivation, and most importantly, target.

I’ll start with the second murder. Scott and Brent are arguing and it’s clear they are in a relationship and bickering while driving down an isolated road. Scott says, “…I shouldn’t be jealous of a phone”. It’s a conversation I can relate to. Everyone is on their phone these days, often while in conversation with other people. We have become a society obsessed with ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. Scott’s irritation is justified and I kept wondering, is this going to be the triggering event? Because with this book, you just have no idea.

And the murder that night? Didn’t see it coming and it was gruesome. The high sexual arousal was disturbing and yet realistic. When people face life-and-death situations that trigger adrenaline, a way to slow the crash is to go at it like rabbits. So yeah, hot sex.

When the book begins, we are introduced to Alarick (Rick). Very quickly, his intention when he brings young Jamie back to his hotel room is clear. Here is where motivation comes into play. Rick’s jaded views of the world are in contrast to his ability to embrace death – or maybe not.

His experience with Jamie is beautifully transcendent and unexpected.

The last scene in the book is a gathering in the woods around a fire. It’s the meeting of the Murder Club. We are introduced to Emily and Jeff, as well as Zach. Plus, the survivors of the first murder I discussed. Rick arrives and the real fun begins.

I’m not going to lie – there is a certain segment of the population will love this book, another segment will be perversely intrigued (me) and many will be repulsed. But if you’re willing to walk on the dark side and examine the deranged mind of these killers, this is the book for you. As for me? I want to know more about Rick, so I’m hoping the next book comes out soon.

My Rating:

8/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 4/5 Stars




“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” ― Oscar Wilde

If you’re into the fluffier side of life, you have my blessing but will you please take the next exit. For the rest of you depraved pervs, enjoy your stay 😉

I love to dream. And sometimes enjoy the concept of nightmares turning into fantasies, hence the dark subject matter of my books and the constant HEA approach. I do love the idea of love, and I have a passion for reading and movies and music and anything that keeps me distracted from the fact that life is pointless.

2 thoughts on “Murder Club: Slash One by Kol Anderson #Review #MM #LGBT #Horror #Novel #Violence

  1. Does anyone know if this book is available from anywhere else besides Amazon? I’d love to buy a copy, but Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately not. The book is only available through Amazon because it is in the Kindle Unlimited program. I would suggest contacting the author.


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