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Melissa reviews Almost Easy: Plantain Series Novella 5.5 by Amelia Oliver & Kate Hastings. ebook published December 29th 2017, 129 pages. Audiobook narrated by JJ Jenness; Release date: 02-01-18 Length: 4 hrs and 19 mins

Nolan Frederickson has watched everyone around him fall in love.

His younger siblings, his best friend; but love has always eluded him.

He thought he’d found the possibility of it once, experiencing a connection during secret encounters so intense, that years later, it still fuels his fantasies.

Content in every other aspect of his life, but tired of empty hook-ups and mediocre attraction, Nolan’s starting to think that maybe he’s just not meant to find ‘the one’.

However, as they say, timing is every thing. What happens when the one that got away comes back? Does he take his shot at the future he’s always imagined, or is it just too much to hope for.

With external pressures, internal fears and a meddling sister, one thing is certain; Nolan’s settled life is about to be turned upside down.

After all, things have never been dull in Plantain – why would now be any different?

A complimentary audio was provided via Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I decided to request a copy of this book because I read so many great reviews about the series in general, and Almost Easy itself. I loved the excitement of other reviewers comments.

First, I’ve not read the series this novella is part of, and I don’t know if you need to since the story is really just about the MCs Nolan and Rupert, although the other series characters do show up (duh! lol).

Not only is this my first book by this author, but this is also my first book narrated by JJ Jenness. Which makes this novella a little hard to judge because overall this book was just okay for me. I decided to request a copy because I read so many great reviews about the series in general, and Almost Easy itself. I loved the excitement of other reviewers comments, but alas I can’t say I felt the same. I feel the narration is what held me back from completely enjoying this story because the narrator didn’t change his voice between the two MCs – they sounded exactly that same. I couldn’t believe it. If ever a book could have benefited from dual narration, this would have been it. JJ didn’t have a bad voice, and he did express emotion, etc, when the situation called for it. But I wanted the characters to be their own person, and unfortunately the narration didn’t give me that. What I can say is he did bring extra sound effects to the story that I liked, such as when a character was talking on a cell phone, the tone (special techno mastery) came across in just the right way. I liked that it sounded completely different from a normal speaking voice. Well done with that!

As for the story itself, as I said earlier – it was okay for me. Had I been able to read this I think I could have bumped my rating up because then I could have brought out the characters voice that I wanted. It was hard to follow the storyline because I kept getting distracted by the voice speaking. But strictly speaking I think the story is good, if a little dramatic at the end. The whole thing with deliberate sabotage and the guy (Will?) who is really out to get Nolan and Rupert because they are gay and he doesn’t like gay people (thinks they are deviants), that was a little much for me. Although it’s a realistic standpoint of too many people in this world. I still hated him for what he did and didn’t like that part of the story at all (it felt like it was there just to add extra drama).

Lovers of this series will be excited to see these characters get their HEA, and to revisit previous characters of the series.  I did enjoy seeing these guys come together because Rupert had been so conflicted about his sexuality when he was younger, and denied who he was for so long.  Nolan on the other hand, didn’t deny his sexuality and once he saw Rupert again, knew what he wanted.  A particular moment that really stands out for me is when Rupert and Nolan are being intimate and Nolan demands Rupert admit that he is gay.  It was a powerful moment because, even though Rupert has since come out, it was a connection between them that couldn’t be denied.  Once and for all, Rupert admits to being gay and is not ashamed of it.  That’s what is so important about that moment.

Overall I rate this with 3 stars/6 pots.

Where to buy: audiobook: Audible US; ebook: Amazon US

Amelia Oliver is the author of The Plantain Series, and a contributing author of Best Seller novella Brothel: The Magnolia Diaries.

Kate Hastings is an avid reader, and like many, has always written, but has never been brave enough to publish. She’s still not, but Amelia Oliver made her do it, and just between us, she’s very glad she did. Look out for their upcoming smart, sexy and steamy collaborations & add them to your TBR.

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