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Erryn reviews ‘Silent Strength’ by M.A. Innes. This book was released by the author on November 29, 2017, and is 212 pgs long. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Kenneth Obi.  It was released on March 13, 2018, and is 6 hrs and 38 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I have listened to other M.A. Innes books (narrated by Kenneth Obi) and I have enjoyed them.

Eric knows what he needs…he just doesn’t think anyone else will want it, too.

He’s finally reached his breaking point. There’s only so many times he can put himself out there and get shot down. After a disastrous first date at a BDSM club, Eric is ready to walk away and push his desires to the furthest reaches of his mind – but then up walks Marcus. But just because the sexy older man is looking for a submissive doesn’t mean he’s looking to be someone’s daddy.

Marcus knows what he wants, and he’s spent months getting everything perfect for his boy…now he just needs to find him.

When Marcus sees Eric at Bound & Controlled, he’s immediately drawn to the sweet submissive who’s desperately trying to hide his devastation. Marcus steps in when he sees the sub’s evening going wrong, but he’s not sure what the shy submissive is looking for. Just because he wants the boy to need a daddy doesn’t mean he’s going to get what he hopes for.

As they discover their mutual desires, Marcus is sure that Eric has the strength to go after what he yearns for; he just needs his daddy’s help and love to see it.


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Erryn’s Review:

Your kink is not my kink.

And vice versa.

This is the third M.A. Innes audiobook I’ve listened to and I really enjoyed it.  I have read a number of ‘daddy kink’ books recently, but this one, like M.A. Innes’ ‘Secrets in the Dark’, definitely pushes the boundaries of taboo.  Not that is anything wrong with the urges and desires Eric and Marcus have – because there isn’t.  That being said, not everyone is comfortable with a grown man wearing a diaper, sucking on a binkie, and napping in a crib.

I vividly remember watching an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations” in 2005, titled ‘King Baby’.  The murder victim was a man who fell off a balcony to the pavement below and died.

Wearing only a diaper.

While some viewers were, I am certain, wigged out, I was fascinated.  Why would a grown man, a Las Vegas Casino mogul, want to be infantilized and put into a baby’s room?  Now, that guy had a ‘mother’ who breastfed him.  That was icky to me.

It’s been almost 20 years and as I’ve been exposed to more and more of the BDSM lifestyle, the concept of middles and littles has solidified in my mind as normal.  Healthy.

Eric is a little.  Or he thinks he wants to be.  His research has been mostly online because he perceives a lone single male going into a toy store might draw some attention.  And he has a point.  Lone men are often watched carefully when they are around children.  Many have no ill intentions, but they aren’t given the benefit of the doubt.

So Eric surfs the net, trying to find out why he has the desire for someone to take care of him.  He has family issues – who doesn’t – but is need for a caregiver comes from deep within him.  He has a decent life, a job, a loving aunt, and a cool best friend, but that’s not enough.

Marcus is a bit on the young side to be considering retirement, but the satisfaction he derives from being a police officer has been tempered by his driving need to connect with someone.  To bond with them.

At Bound and Controlled, a gay BDSM club in D.C., he’s hanging out with the owner of the club one night when Eric walks in.

Even if the younger man wasn’t wearing an identifying bandanna, Marcus’ “Dom” senses would have been on high alert.  He rescues Eric from a potentially disastrous situation, then has to sit back and wait to see if the sexy sub will come back.

Eric knows he’s attracted to his saviour, but he’s not convinced there is a man out there compatible with him, let alone a gorgeous man like Marcus.  Because, honestly, if a man wants to be a daddy, he can just have a baby, right?

Slowly, inexorably, the men are drawn together and what I loved about the book is that it is a very slow process.  As it should be.  Daddy/boy relationships – as with most others in BDSM – need to be carefully negotiated.  Parameters, and more importantly, boundaries, need to be explored and discussed.

There are moments of hesitation, of course.  Eric has spent most of his life putting himself down because everyone else is just going to do it anyway, so why not save them the trouble?  Marcus takes GREAT exception to this habit and knows the exact punishment to mete out so Eric never puts himself down again.

A bond.

Isn’t that what most people are seeking?

A connection?

A touch?

A bond.

Even if it’s not romantic, most of us need a connection with others and I love that Eric develops friendships with other Daddy/little couples.

Kenneth Obi is quickly becoming one of my favourite narrators.  Appropriately, Marcus has a deep and authoritative voice.  What I appreciated was that Eric’s voice wasn’t too high and whiny. Being a ‘boy’ doesn’t preclude still being a man and Obi’s performance solidifies that.

Your kink might not be my kink, but I would be tempted to yield control if someone like Marcus came into my life.  Just like some readers would love to wrap Eric in their arms and protect him.

As Eric says to Marcus:  “You make me see everything differently.  Even myself.”

And Marcus replies, “I just make you see the strength that was already there to begin with.”

Erryn’s Rating:

10/10 Points of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars




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I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom erotic romance and BDSM erotic romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. M.A. Innes is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. 

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