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An archer’s heart is a hard target to hit…


by Kasia Bacon



It’s a real pleasure—as always—to be hosted on RGR. Thank you for having me! *bobs a clumsy curtsy* *manages to keep balance*


I’m here today to talk about my upcoming release, Twenty-One Arrow Salute, which is just around the corner. Let’s take a moment to admire the cover by talented Ying Draws. Isn’t it just super gorgeous?

Any fantasy enthusiasts around, by any chance? How about fans of Elves, archery and bawdy banter?


Well, Twenty-One Arrow Salute has all of the above.



This novella is the most recent instalment (book #2.5) in the Order Series. It tells the story of Verhan Tŭrryés, Ervyn’s incorrigible cousin and a new Queen’s Guard. Check out the blurb below!


Verhan Tŭrryés of Black Mountain is a handful.


Freshly enlisted in the Highland Regiment, he does all he can to steer clear of responsibility and commitment. Just not his cup of mead, that. Loose of tongue and even looser of morals, he rarely misses an opportunity to get into trouble—and into the other archers’ knickers, too.


In a unit composed almost entirely of Dark Elves, Hernan Seinnés, with his green eyes and auburn hair, is an outsider. When Verhan, up the creek again, is blackmailed into helping Hernan, he never expects to fall for him. But during the long hours spent training Hernan for the Honour Guard, feelings strike the Highlander right in the heart—and with the force of an arrow.


Unversed in relationships, Verhan finally plucks up enough courage to tell Hernan how he feels, only to drive the Asirhwӱnian away instead. If Verhan can swallow his pride, he might get one last chance to show Hernan what he means to him—and maybe this time he can hit the mark.


I know, I know. Some will be disappointed this isn’t another Ervyn and Lochan book. But firstly, their new story is coming, I swear it. This summer I intend to polish The Scouts to the highest shine. And secondly, I’m hoping that once you get to know Verhan better, you will become fond of this, um, lovable moron and his antics.


I must admit that with this book, I allowed myself the indulgence of writing purely about things I truly enjoy. Which are as follows:


  • Snarky humour.

Well, at least *I* happen to find Verhan quite amusing. But since my sense of humour is known to be a tad warped, it can really go both ways.


  • Opposites Attract trope.

Next to the Second Chance at Love (oh, and that one’s coming soon, BTW. Just please don’t hate me…too much *winks*) this is my absolutely favourite theme, both to read and write. I love when characters who seemingly have nothing in common fit together like oatcakes and cheddar (with a dash of barbeque sauce.) Isn’t it just the best?


  • Kissing and sexual tension.

Oh yes. I do like writing my kisses and UST. Twenty-One Arrow Salute might be quite innocent on the whole, but I tried to keep it sexy and alluring. Also, keep in mind that my next story, titled When I First Saw Red, will be way more, err, steamy.


  • Language and accents.

What can I say? I’m a linguist after all, slightly obsessed with the way language works. You can find mentions of my characters’ accents and other linguistic idiosyncrasies in every book of mine. That’s because it’s really important for me to convey the way they speak and sound to others. I consider that a great sensory element, necessary to painting their overall picture. And, as you know, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create my own language for the Order Universe. Some might think it nerdy, but I really had the best time putting together my little glossary of Order specific terms, which you’ll find at the end of the book.


  • Weapons and martial arts.

I can’t tell you how many hours I can spend bumming around on the Internet admiring throwing knives, survival blades and yumi bows. And I’m totally smitten by the beauty and grace of the Japanese martial art of archery.

Well, I’m not sure whether I’ve managed to encourage you to reach for my book or steer well clear of it. *laughs* However, I do hope you’ll give my Royal Archers a chance. To get a little taste of the story, read on for a sneaky excerpt.




Amazon UK


It will be released on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on 11th June.


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To celebrate the pre-order, I’m having a giveaway. Woohoo! Please click the rafflecopter link and comment on the blog for the chance of winning one of the following five prizes:


Comment for your chance to win one of the Order chibi keyrings.

You need to be 18 years or older to participate in this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Etc.

Winner will be randomly drawn from all commenters on this post via random.org

This Giveaway will end on June 11, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT



a Rafflecopter giveaway



  • An Ebook copy of Twenty-One Arrow Salute for three readers (via rafflecopter).


  • An adorable Order chibi keyring for two readers (opened internationally—keyring chosen on random). Fancy having your own Elven warrior? Lochan, the assassin or Ervyn, the archer, could be yours by a stroke of luck.

(Those who don’t enjoy leaving things to chance and would like to get an Order keyring, can find them available for purchase here.)



“Are you…” I started and paused, looking for words to phrase my question right, “unhappy about winding up here? Since the Queen’s Guard wasn’t your first choice for a unit?”

Fair enough, the Highland Regiment might not be as elite a formation as the Scouts, who had earned a reputation for being crazy fuckers, apt even if only one-tenth of the gossip whispered about their secret operations held good. That aside, the Guard was also a formidable, highly specialised force with enormous strategic and combat potential. Every year, no more than a handful of archers met the rigorous entry requirements that granted them a place within our ranks. The honour of being stationed at the capital and serving directly under—and often alongside—the Queen herself, added splendour into the mix.

Unexpectedly, a soft smile tugged at his lips. “But it was.”

“Was what?” I drew my eyebrows together.

“My first choice. Ever since I saw the mounted archers in a parade as a toddler. Do you know who my favourite Guard of Honour was? Hyoshie Hélk.” Hernan’s eyelids dropped halfway as if he was reliving a pleasant memory. “He made one hell of a centre shooter. Always magnificent. I’d watch him perform the twenty-one arrow salute every single year during his service at the capital. To tell you the truth, I became quite…besotted with him.” He glanced up at me from beneath his lashes as though to check if I’d laugh at him.

Not likely. I’d be damned if I didn’t understand infatuation, even though besotted translated, in my case, to horny as fuck, and my passing fancies, well, passed quickly from one person to the next. Usually with the last thrust of my hips.

“When I got to the camp, I found out he was one of the hyoshies. I thanked the gods when they allocated another officer to my squad. Because it would’ve been mortifying to—”

“Pop wood during practice?” I grinned, nodding my understanding.

He turned a lovely shade of pink and a weird urge to kiss his embarrassment away consumed me. His translucent skin—that flawless, reactive complexion typical of a redhead—coloured easily. I wondered if by some miracle our circulatory systems had fused together. That would explain why each time a blush saturated his high cheekbones, my crotch pulsated with a surge of blood in response, initiating a conflict between my cock and the seam of my trousers.




A linguist and an avid reader with a particular fondness for fantasy and paranormal genres, KASIA BACON lives in London with her husband. When not tearing her hair out over a translating project, she writes stories about the shenanigans of emotionally constipated assassins and sexy Elves. Otherwise, she can be found shaking her loins at a Zumba class, binging on anime or admiring throwing knives on Pinterest. She has a mild coffee and lemon tart addiction. A lover of MMA and Muay Thai, she also enjoys nature and the great outdoors. She dreams of becoming independently wealthy, leaving the city and moving into her wooden mini-manor—located in the heart of stunning forests resembling those of the Elven Country depicted in her tales.


Find Kasia online:























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  2. Busy preparing my book swag for EPC, I totally forgot to announce the winners of my giveaway. Arrgh. Here they are. An eBook copy of Twenty-One Arrow Salute goes to: Kelley York, Debra Guyette & Jennifer Shannon. A chibi keyring (chosen on random) goes to: Allison Hickman & Jenf27. Congrats! And thanks for taking part! I’ll try to contact everyone by email soon.


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