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Erryn reviews the ebook of ‘Locked’ by T.M. Chris. The ebook was published June 28, 2018. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

Erryn – why I read this book: I love reading taboo books and learning something new… (read the warning…)


I can see the headline now: Locked Boys Transcend Tumblr. My article on Chip and Billy—two twinks locked in the name of love—is going to take this niche kink mainstream.

When Marshall arrives to interview The Chastity Brothers, he has much to learn from them about frustration and denial, about service and devotion, about what kind of men get to play the role of alpha male and what kind of men allow the very essence of their manhood to be controlled, ignored, locked up, and denied.

The interview starts Marshall on an exciting and erotic adventure into the world of locked boys and their alpha male partners as he escorts Chip and Billy to a gang bang, meets Niblet and some of the members of the motorcycle club who keep him, visits the estate where Spike spends his nights in a crate, and learns an important lesson of love from an older alpha male who’ll never forget the boy who got away.

And somewhere along his journey, he might just find a locked boy of his own.

Content advisory: This is a non-romantic, highly kinky story that includes sharing, gang bangs, extreme orgasm denial, and light humiliation


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Erryn’s Review: 

“You can’t leave a locked boy around the house like you can a cat.  A locked boy is more like a dog.”

“He needs to know who his owner is.”


What is a locked boy?  I’ll be honest, before I read ‘Locked’ by T.M. Chris, I hadn’t known Locked Boys existed.  Cock cages?  Sure.  Orgasm denial?  Yep.  Sounding?  Yes, but it kind of freaks me out.

Locked boys?


I understand the concept, of course.  As well as chastity belts.  Let me be honest – I’m all about logistics.  How do you, you know, do your business, while in chastity?

Enquiring minds.

But I digress.

Marshall is a reporter who interviews kinky people within their chosen environment to see how they live.  The book begins with him interviewing Billy and Chip, two locked boys.  One of the funniest lines in the book comes near the beginning.  “Leather’s vital,” Billy had said when he showed me in.  “We tend to leak.”

Vivid image, anyone?

Yep, leaking cocks.  If that grosses you out, this book probably isn’t for you.  Fascinating and/or (gasp) turned on?  This read will be a wild and enjoyable ride for you.  I was truly spellbound and was tempted to run to Google and search ‘locked boys’.  Especially images.

But I haven’t.  Why, you ask?

Because T.M.’s storytelling is so strong that I was in the room while Billy and Chip proudly discussed chastity, cages, milking, and the size of their nubs.  As Billy explains, during the, uh, alleviating scene, my comments were (in order):

Uh, ok.

Holy cow.

Holy S#it



As you can see, I was put through my paces as a reader and a kinkster with an open mind.

Marshall also has an open mind when he’s approached to get into a chastity relationship.  Soon, though he discovers things are not as simple as they seem.  When things go sideways, Marshall heads out to get advice.

Spike cocked his head at me with a grin, then led the way, prowling on all fours, over to a bench.  I sat on it and he dropped into a squat at my feet.  He was naked aside from a pair of leather hot pants that featured a hole through which his meaty cock and low hanging balls extended in the front and another with a dog tail protruding from it in the back.  Presumably the tail was connected to a butt plug which was connected to his ass.

Before you think Spike might be involved in puppy play, you need to know that he services men who have zoophilia kinks.  Like I maintain, if you can imagine it, there’s a kink for that.

Finally, Marshall has a revelation.  He heads back into his relationship with renewed vigour and dedication to his partner.

I’d never really realized…I was a sadist, and I still didn’t see the appeal in whips or paddles or most of the stuff sadists got off on, but when it came to playing games with…dick, I’d found almost anything could get me off.  Anything that f@cked with his dick being a source of pleasure was a source of pleasure for me.

The punishment cage had a ring or two of spikes, depending on how sadistic I was feeling, one right under the head and one that snugged up along the base.  The spikes could be extended or retracted, so there was a wide range of f@ckery I could get up to with that beaut.

I am envious of Marshall because he was able to find a partner whose needs match his own.  Yin and Yang.  Hot dogs and buns.  Lock and Key.

Gotta love it.

(And I take issue with the non-romantic.  What does that say about me?)

Erryn’s Rating: 

9/10 Points of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars



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Tanya Michelle (T. M.) Chris writes fun M/M spanking smut stories that hit all the right bottoms. Er, buttons.

You can find Tanya’s more romantic, character-driven work under the author name Tanya Chris.


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