A.O. Spade poll week 2 #LGBT #RGRGiveaway #Poll

We are going to be offering something a little different over the next few weeks here at Rainbow Gold Reviews

Our friend, A.O. Spade needs your help in picking out their next project

Each week we will post a different poll for you to vote on

They are offering E-Book 1 of ‘Stallion Mage’ as the prize for a winner picked at random from the winning poll choice

The winner must be 18 or older, etc… and will be picked at 12:00am CST April 21, 2019

❤ Good luck ❤

Last weeks poll results:

Renaissance Fair romance between a knight and a monk.  M/M. won with 80% of the votes.

Congratulations to H.B., our winner of the week #1 poll!


AO SPADE is a magical creature who spreads joy and other things throughout many lands. Currently a spiritual healer at a major-brand candy factory, who knows when AO SPADE will strike next?

Oh, and here’s the deal. Any and all book sale proceeds go toward buying the author & friends tequila. Because, dammit, life in a candy factory isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. (And neither is being a unicorn.)

AO SPADE expresses deep thanks to the spirits of abundance in the universe, especially those who support the purchase of Casa Dragones. Or Jose Cuervo — really, I’m not particular.

If any of you fine readers wish to request something of AO SPADE, vote on the next story to be written/finished/covered/published, join a mailing list, or read more awesomeness, just go to:




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