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Dana reviews The Vampire’s Omega (The Vampire’s Omega #1) by L.C. Davis (Audiobook published by Joel Abernathy, May 21, 19. Narrated by JJ Jenness. 4 hrs and 40 mins length. Ebook published December 5, 2018. 153 pages.) An audiobook code was provided in exchange for an honest review.


At the age of twenty, I never thought I’d have to make the choice between true love or my soul. 

Then again, I never thought I’d be faced with any of the terrible, wonderful, impossible things that exist in Lyle Carraway’s world. The vampire is a weakness I never even knew I had, and when he whispers promises of immortality and sensual luxury, it’s more temptation than I can handle. 

Good Catholic boys from small towns aren’t supposed to make deals with the devil, but I never counted on him being this hard to resist. Or being the key to the family I’ve always wanted. If I accept his forbidden gift and turn out to be a prized male omega, there’s a chance I could bear his baby and his name. 

Too bad my guilty conscience isn’t the only force conspiring to keep us apart. 

This is a standalone vampire mpreg romance and the first in a series.


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When I saw this book, I was immediately intrigued. I love paranormal characters and I have come to appreciate a good mpreg book. I also haven’t read anything by this author or listened to this narrator. A small part of me was wary. But I also love checking out new authors so I was happy to get a copy of this audio and review it.

The narration in this audiobook was good. The narrators voice was pleasant and there were little variations between the characters voices. I only wish that there was a little bit more emoting. There was one error in the book where a character is called the wrong name, and it did take me out of the story. All in all, I did like the narration and would listen to the narrator again.

What’s great about paranormal stories is that the world is the author’s to create. I did like the setting created in this book. Unbeknownst to human beings, there are also paranormal beings living in the same world. This book focuses on vampires, who are currently feuding with hunters. It is not that uncommon of a trope in a vampire novel, but this author has made it different by adding that when a vampire is made, there are possibilities for the vamp to become an alpha or an omega, and be able to carry babies. Also, there is a mythology in this book about the effect of drinking a vampire’s blood and the choices to be made after. I did find it interesting for sure.

Henry is a pretty typical character in a mm romance novel. He is a young gay man who has been ostracized by his family for being gay. He is trying to figure out what to do with his life and ends up working as waitstaff for a party but he doesn’t know they are all vampires. Henry is pretty pure of heart and hasn’t explored his sexuality because of his Catholic Faith. It makes him an interesting character that he keeps his innocence after being thrown out instead of letting anger or depression harden him. Even so, he can’t resist the temptation that Lyle presents to him.

When Henry is fatally wounded saving a high ranking female vampire from hunters, her brother saves Henry’s life by giving him blood. Henry has to choose to become a vampire or die so no one can get their hands on his blood. I think that is what makes him decide to become involved with Lyle. At this point he can’t die without experiencing passion and if he becomes a vampire, he’ll be sucking human blood. Either way, there’s nothing to lose.

There are parts of me that feel like I really didn’t know Lyle by the end of this book. There is some back story of his life discussed. His mother ended her life in a choice like the one Henry has to make. Lyle feels that she wanted to die rather than see her children become monsters (vampires). Knowing he believes that makes me feel for him so much, like he must have felt guilt and maybe repulsion at himself for being who he was born to be. That may be a parallel with how gay people feel when their parents aren’t supportive of them, too. But still as much as I felt for him or that it might explain why he is kind of closed off, I feel like this is the only thing I know about him and I wish his character had been developed a little bit more.

So it’s good that in this universe males can become omegas and carry children because Henry definitely seems to want them. It was just one of the many things that plagued him about being gay. There is a moment that felt very much like a moment in Breaking Dawn (Twilight). And that’s not to say that I dislike the Twilight series, because at the time they came out, I loved them hard. It was just kind of an eye roll at the similarity.

I don’t want it to seem like I didn’t like this book, because it was good. There is some tension and the violence amps up between the hunters and the vampires. It helps Henry figure out what he wants to do regarding his life or death choices. It also brings a match for Lyle’s sister and alliances that I think will help in the ongoing battles. I think the fight between the different types of beings will continue into the future books in the series. I haven’t checked them out yet, but I definitely want to.

8/10 Pots of Gold (80% Recommended) – Compares to 4/5 Stars


L.C. Davis is a trans mpreg author with a passion for queer representation. His series include The Mountain Shifters, The Great Plains Shifters, Undercover Alphas and The Vampire’s Omega. He lives in coastal New England with his partner and furry companions.


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