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Erryn reviews ‘His Saint’ (Forever Wilde Book 5) by Lucy Lennox. The ebook was published November 5, 2018, 300 pages. The audiobook was narrated by Michael Pauley.  It was released on December 7, 2018 and is 9hrs and 27mins long. 

Why I read this book: I admit it, I am a WILDE addict.  Glad to know there are more books to follow after this one.


I don’t need anyone’s protection. I’m fine. But to appease my sister after a home invasion, I agree to take self-defense lessons. They just so happen to be with a big, muscled former navy SEAL who may or may not be everything I’ve always daydreamed about but never thought I could have.

And he’s dead set on looking out for me even when things in my life suddenly get complicated. Between the increasing threats against me and pressure from my wealthy family to be someone I’m not, I’m having a hard time keeping it together. As I begin to fall apart, I lose faith I’ll ever meet anyone who’ll want a mess like me – much less meet someone strong and capable like Saint Wilde.

The more time I spend with him, however, the more I realize he’s not as put together as he seems. And I begin to wonder…while Saint’s busy looking after everyone else, who’s looking after him?


After my big, fat mouth gets me in trouble with a high-profile client, my boss takes away the bodyguard gig and sends me back to my hometown to give one of society’s elites a few lessons at a local gym. Babysitting an antiques nerd is hardly my idea of a good time, but as soon the attractive, petite man walks into the workout center, I nearly trip over my own feet.

He’s effing adorable.

And absolutely scared to death.

He won’t tell me what’s spooked him, but I won’t rest until I find a way to take the fear out of his gorgeous eyes. Even if defending Augie means I have to stop protecting my own heart.

His Saint is the fifth book in the Forever Wilde series but can be listened to out of order. Beware, it includes 90,000 words of delicious man parts touching, grandfathers meddling, sassy siblings, cats mrrp-ing…and one Stevie.

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Erryn’s Review: 

This is the fifth Wilde novel and I loved it as much as all previous ones.  This book begins with Saint Wilde being pulled off protection detail for a pop princess.  Apparently his mouth can get him in trouble.  He agrees to teach self-defence to a rich kid, believing he’s moving from one entitled brat to another.  Then he meets Augie and discovers he’s the furthest thing from entitled. In fact, Augie has shunned the money and settled in Hobie, Texas.  With an inheritance from his aunt, he’s opened an antique shop in town.  His family is horrified but he’s happy.  Except for the break in at the farm house he’s living in that has left him feeling unsafe.  At a weak moment he agreed to his sister’s suggestion he learn to defend himself.

His first meeting with Saint is interesting because Augie believes the other man is “a kitten” and that he’s only taken the job because he’s not capable to guarding anyone for real.  Talk about misreading a situation.  Saint was a SEAL who loved the military but left so his brother Otto could get out.  He’s moved into private security but is still a lethal weapon.  For Augie to see him as gentle and kind is perhaps accurate but not what Saint wants to portray.

There is heat between the two men but it’s a slow burn because Augie feels inadequate and Saint believes Augie is straight.  And it’s an easy mistake to make – Augie has a beard in Dallas – a woman who is also dating his sister.  The woman is an anchor at a news station and would face career suicide if it was known she was gay.  Augie fears his family will shun him further if he revealed he was gay so it’s just easier to pretend he’s straight.  Once the two men realize that not only is the other one gay but that he’s interested, things move along.  Although Saint has hooked up many times, he’s never been with someone so inexperienced as Augie.  Someone so vulnerable.  After one workout session, he’s in the shower room with Augie.  It’s Augie who makes the first move, shampooing Saint’s hair.  Talk about sensual.

“Augie,” I breathed.

“Is this okay? I just couldn’t stand not touching you anymore.  I’m sorry.”

I turned around and came face-to-face with him.  He looked so vulnerable without his glasses on.  And I felt I was seeing a part of him no one else got to see.  Wet. Naked. Nothing to hide behind.  I slid my arms around his back and splayed my hands along his warm wet skin.  “Yes,” I murmured, “it’s okay.”

In fact it’s more than okay.  Once the barrier is broken, so to speak, Augie opens up and let’s Saint in.  Then a misunderstanding takes place and everything goes back to the beginning.  Augie’s self-esteem issues are painful but it explains why he does all the things he does.  He’s learned to be protective and defensive.  And he’s still a pushover when it comes to his family.

Saint spends a lot of time in this book rescuing Augie but, in the end, it’s Augie who teaches him about love.

There are plenty of cameos by the other Wildes and an entire subplot involving Saint’s twin sister MJ and the owner of a local fitness studio, Neckie.  I loved that the women found each other after so many years apart, believing the other didn’t have feelings for her.

Michael Pauley has narrated all of Lucy’s books and he’s great at it.  His performance in this book is again perfect – he nails each of the previous characters and is awesome with the new ones as well. I can recommend this book and know you’ll enjoy it.

Erryn’s Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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Lucy Lennox is finally putting good use to that English Lit degree earned way back in the 1900s.

She enjoys naps, pizza, and procrastinating. She has some snarky kids and is married to someone who is better at math than romance but who makes her laugh every single day and is the best dancer in the history of ever.

She stays up way too late each night reading M/M romance because that stuff is hot.

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