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Erryn reviews the audiobook version ‘BFF Forver (Best Friend’s Father Forever) by Devon McCormack. The ebook was published December 16, 2018 and is 298 pages.The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Michael Pauley, released by Treycore Films LLC on January 19, 2019 and is 8 hrs and 22 mins long.

Why Erryn read this book: I wanted to see Eric and Jesse get their happy ending. (Oh, and again, one of the hottest covers I have ever seen.)


It began with his electric touch and a hurricane of frenzied passion that ravaged my body, my mind, my soul…my entire life.

We both knew where the line was, yet we crossed it because it was the only way we could be close to one another. We told ourselves it was nothing more than a fantasy – a beach vacation we could treat like a dream, cherishing it in our hearts but evading the real-life repercussions of our actions.

If only it had been that easy….

We couldn’t keep away from each other, and one lust-filled encounter after another birthed a connection, which turned into so much more.

Now, I’m head over heels for my best friend’s father.

Oh, Eric Westright…you’ve changed me. I’m addicted to your touch. I’m a servant to your desires.

I kept telling myself it was nothing more than a dream, but now, the thought of awakening from our life together terrifies me. I can’t bear a world where I never knew what it was like to be lost in those magnificent blue eyes, to feel his caress against my face, his lips against my own…him loving me deep inside.

Oh, please, if this is all a dream, don’t let me wake up. Let me have this. I know I messed up, but I can fix everything I’ve broken. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ll make it right.

I’ll do whatever it takes. Just please let me have him forever.

Contains the same triggers as BFF: Best Friend’s Father and BFF: Claimed. This is the final installment in the Best Friend’s Father series.  

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Erryn’s Review: 

Boyfriend. Have we really come so far, so fast? With Eric, everything’s been fast.  From the moment we met, hell, the moment we laid eyes one each other, it was like we were on a speeding train heading straight for disaster and disregarding every warning as we grew more and more enamoured with one another despite how recklessly we found our way into the biggest shitstorm of my life.

Jesse will be the first one to admit that falling hard and fast for his best friend’s father has been very challenging.  Not only did he have to face the wrath of his friend who believed he’d been betrayed, but he’s also had to conquer his own feelings.  He comes across as confident, but he has moments of hesitation.  Hurting his best friend Ty was never part of the plan, but it was sort of inevitable.  The last book ended with an entente cordiale of sorts and this book begins with Jesse and Ty hanging out.  Most of the awkwardness is gone, but their friendship isn’t quite back to where it was – and maybe it never will be.  But that’s okay because they’ve forged a new bond.

Eric fought his feelings for Jesse because he understood their relationship would hurt his son.  He and Ty’s relationship has always been fraught with landmines but Ty saw the relationship between his father and his best friend as them excluding him.  He believed he was losing everything.  In the end that wasn’t the case, but I could understand hurt feelings.

This book takes up where the last book left off – with Eric and Jesse navigating their unconventional relationship.  Eric is still dealing with the issues from his childhood that have plagued him and Jesse’s unconditional support is something to admire.  He wants Eric to fight his demons and he’s happy to be there every step of the way.  Even if it means Tango lessons, plenty of therapy, and affirmative consent.  I admire Eric for wanting to face his past and know that most people wouldn’t be that brave.  I love that he’s willing to do this not just for himself but for Jesse as well.  They have a great relationship but Eric knows there are depths that can only be accomplished if he’s able to heal from the hurt.

Part of that healing involves confronting his past and I admit being in tears during one particularly painful scene involving someone from his past.  Someone who he’s always cared for but he pushed away because of what was done to him.  Tears for healing, right? And when the final barrier was busted, I cheered.

As time moves on, Jesse and Eric each see they want more from the relationship but both question whether it’s too soon.  (Hint – it’s not.)

I was startled that one of the chapters near the end had a different POV character.  It shook things up a bit but also opened up the possibility for a future book where Jesse and Eric will undoubtedly pop up.  So, yay, more of my two favorite guys.

I cannot say enough good Michael Pauley’s narration.  He was perfect for this book and I was glad he helmed all the books in the trilogy.  Needless to say, I recommend all three.  You’ll fall in love with Jesse and Eric just as I did.

Erryn’s Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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Devon McCormack spends most of his time hiding in his lair, adventuring in paranormal worlds with his island of misfit characters. A good ole Southern boy, McCormack grew up in the Georgian suburbs with his two younger brothers and an older sister. At a very young age, he spun tales the old fashioned way, lying to anyone and everyone he encountered. He claimed he was an orphan. He claimed to be a king from another planet. He claimed to have supernatural powers. He has since harnessed this penchant for tall tales by crafting whole worlds where he can live out whatever fantasy he chooses.

A gay man himself, McCormack focuses on gay male characters, adding to the immense body of literature that chooses to represent and advocate gay men’s presence in media. His body of work ranges from erotica to young adult, so readers should check the synopses of his books before purchasing so that they know what they’re getting into.

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