‘I Wish I Were Special’ (Southern Scandal Book 1) by Julia McBryant #LGBT #Review #NewRelease #Contemporary #EroticRomance #DaddyKink

Wendy Reviews ‘I Wish I Were Special’ (Southern Scandal Book 1) by Julia McBryant. Self Published September 25, 2019, 216 pages.

The youngest of five, Quinn is known throughout Savannah as the Rutledge oops baby and an inveterate party boy — but his wham, bam, thank you, ma’am philosophy covers a deep well of loneliness. Architect Ellis Ashford has shunted his daddy kink off onto a “savior complex” for years. Can they resist the magnetic pull between them, despite their age difference? Or will the Greek chorus of Savannah gossip tear them apart?

Part of the interconnected Southern Seduction and Low Country Lovers universe, this spin-off series stands alone.

*A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Why I read this book: There were a few reasons. Firstly, I love this author’s style, secondly the author graciously asked if I would be willing to review this book (of course I jumped at the chance) and last but not least… Daddy. Kink.

This book has all the elements of Daddy Kink that you’d look for and expect. The naughty self proclaimed “twink” and the older man who by his own admission has a “Savior Complex”. The thing that makes this book special is that Julia McBryant has given the characters an extraordinary amount of depth. These guys have so much going on beneath the surface that I was awestruck. There was more than one instance that I cried and I’m talking full on ugly cry here. I just hurt for these guys and was ridiculously happy with these guys and totally fell in love with these guys.

Quinn and Ellis have off the charts sexual chemistry and I can say that this author is gifted when it comes to writing sex. It seriously cranks the heat up in the room once she gets them going! And the book has some really fun moments to temper the darkness. I just really like these guys. I was happy to see that many of her other characters make cameo appearances as well as some new ones that I hope we get to know more about in the future.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a fun, sexy beautiful story.

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended

Julia McBryant lives in the prettiest city in the whole world with her roving nebula of German Shepherds. Southern born, Southern bred, and when she dies, she’ll be Southern dead, Julia loves gold glitter, brand-new pens her children haven’t stolen, and notebooks full of character details.

She also enjoys unicorns, caffeine, and unicorns on caffeine.

When she isn’t writing she’s writing.

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