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Wendy reviews ‘Raven’s Hart’ (Haven Hart Series, Book 7) by Davidson King. Published September 15, 2019, 234 pages.

We are so excited to be one of the hosts for Davidson King’s Blog Tour celebrating the last installment of the Haven’s Hart series. Congratulations to Davidson King on an epic series.

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Haven Hart stands on the edge of good and evil. Having balance between the two is the only thing keeping the town from crumbling to the ground. For years, one man has been charged with maintaining that balance. Poe.


The air of mystery surrounding Poe is one of necessity. He’s the keeper of secrets and for good reason. He’s stood alone against the most ruthless men and women, always hiding behind the curtain to help his friends defeat what seeks to destroy them.


Now, after all this time, the city he loves, the people he has protected, and the secrets he’s kept hidden are in serious jeopardy. Poe will need the help of his friends to fight the ultimate battle; not just save Haven Hart but everything and everyone he holds dear to him.


When the dust settles, will betrayals be forgiven? Will the city still be standing? Will Poe’s beloved be at his side or will everything crumble? One thing is for certain, everything will be tested, and questions will finally be answered. Raven’s Hart is the final installment in the Haven Hart Series.




This is the 7th book in the Haven Hart Series it is NOT a standalone and all others need to be read before this one.

*A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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A light tap caught my attention, and I looked up to see Tony and Snow standing there. Snow, ever his curious self, was looking up, down, and around, absorbing it all, never to forget.


“Thank you, Tony, I’d like to speak with Snow alone, and then perhaps, if he has further questions pertaining to security and what you know, the two of you can talk later.”


“Okay, holler if you need me.” He smiled at Snow who nodded, and then left the room.


It wasn’t so much an uncomfortable silence as it was worrisome. Snow wasn’t a quiet person. He spoke up for everything he believed in, and on many occasions, gave me a good tongue lashing. To see him walking through my office and not making eye contact with me was jarring.


“Snow?” He jumped when I spoke but turned my way. “Would you like a drink?”


He chuckled, but it held very little humor. “What’s the strongest thing you’ve got?”


Ahh, so he was having trouble with all this. Understandable. I walked over to the small cart with some beverages and poured us each a Jack and ginger ale. I knew he didn’t like drinking because of his father, but he wasn’t kidding that he wanted a drink.


“Thanks,” he said as he took the drink and sipped it. “So, this is really weird.”


I couldn’t argue with that. “Did you read my note?”


He rolled his eyes at my obviously stupid question. “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t. You have Jason Momoa over there come to my house, tell me he can’t say much but to read this thing and to follow him. You’re lucky Christopher wasn’t home, or Bill for that matter, or I wouldn’t have been able to sweet talk Donny into trusting my life choices and going with Aquaman.”

I was torn going into this book. On one hand, I really wanted to know Poe’s story. This is a character that’s intrigued me from the very beginning of the series. He’s mysterious and dark and broodingly sexy and you just knew that there was a story there. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one desperate to hear and learn his life. Then there was the other hand… this is the last installment of the series. That’s it. No more. The end of a really great saga that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to face that there wouldn’t be any more once I read the last page. I don’t usually struggle like this but then again, I’ve rarely read such a phenomenal story. To think that this was the first set of works that this author has published is mind boggling. I’m not saying that I expect better and more from Davidson King, I’m saying that they have an incredible gift for storytelling and I’m grateful to have been able to enjoy it from the beginning. Making this the last book of the series was the right choice though. To continue on would have been a mistake and there’s always the hope that there will be more to come from the Haven Hart universe.

This is a true series and you need to read them all in order for this last book to make sense.

So, I’m going to say that this book finishes off the series beautifully. It answered questions without feeling forced. There was the drama and suspense that was evident in every one of the previous books. And this one has some surprises folks! Twists and turns that I should have probably expected but didn’t. That’s one of the things that I do purposely, I don’t spend a great deal of time trying to figure out the plot beforehand. I like the surprises. It’s part of the experience for me so no, I didn’t see some of the things that happened in this book but boy was I ever glad they did.

IMO, this entire series is a #MustRead. I spent half the time that I read this book grinning like an idiot and the other half sobbing. There are just so many feels and I really connected that deeply with the characters that I will truly miss them. Thank goodness I have all of the books and I can revisit them frequently.

The author earned every one of the stars (or Pots of Gold in this case). Well done Davidson King, we wish you every success with what I’m sure will be a very bright writing future.

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended

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Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

When she’s not writing you can find her blogging away on Diverse Reader, her review and promotional site. She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she’d tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you’re afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.


LinkTree to ALL links: https://linktr.ee/davidsonkingauthor


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