‘Neon Saturday Night’ (Low Country Lovers) by Julia McBryant #LGBT #GuestPost

‘Neon Saturday Night’ (Low Country Lovers) by Julia McBryant releases October 9, 2019, 105 pages.


Congratulations to Julia McBryant on her upcoming release of ‘Neon Saturday Night’. It’s up for preorder now and drops on the 9th so grab yourself a copy HERE

I’ve been having a blast following this author for live readings and events on Facebook. Come join the fun!


Boyfriends Audie and Calhoun carry on their long-distance romance through college. But Audie’s traumatic history of abuse leaves him with the idea that he has little to offer a committed relationship. Calhoun says Audie only needs to learn to be loved. But Audie feels stuck in an inescapable narrative: he hurts, and Calhoun saves him. Audie’s tired of always feeling like the drama queen, tired of always playing the traumatized boyfriend. He wants something real to give Calhoun — if only he can figure out what that is. And if only Calhoun will let him.

The Low Country Lovers series is a spin-off of the Southern Seduction series and takes place in the same universe; Low Country Lovers can be read on its own.




Neon Saturday Night is definitely my favorite title I’ve ever made up. It’s also one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written, and one that really lets Audie and Calhoun be, well, Audie and Calhoun: Audie wants to stay up in the hotel room and fuck around; Calhoun wants to play pirate golf. The general tackiness appalls Audie, but Calhoun adores it and wants to have a good time (the same way, later, Audie will ridicule Calhoun for watching reality TV about dying by crocodile and surviving in the Alaskan bush, except when he gets stoned, when he’ll watch the shows about spoiled rich kids). But as usual, Audie comes around in the end, because, as he scrawls on the minigolf ball, Audie loves Calhoun.

The stories in this collection say so much about these two characters I love so much. Everyone read Hurricane Dreams and asked if they got their happy ending, and I assured them: I love these people too much not to give them an HEA! But of course, with Audie’s complex trauma, you don’t get an easy HEA. But he’s getting there. Here We Fucking Are (I got to use the word “fuck” in a title! Legitimately!) shows a lot of that. I love the movement in that story, from the bigger, freer world with his friends to the constriction of that small apartment, the narrowing to illness. I also love that Bastian McCarthy appears in it — remember him, by the way. He gets really, really important in this universe later, for the people who are playing along  at home. If you’re clever, you remember them talking about him in I Wish I Were Special, while they sit in the hot tub: he devirginized Isa, got both Delia and Quinn to blow him, and he raced Jax for the state title in swimming.

If you come to any of my live readings (check my website and facebook group, which I try to keep updated; you can catch me pretty much any day this week reading from Neon Saturday Night and probably from one of my three or four works coming out next), you know that Bastian McCarthy is my hot guy character favorite second only to Jax Littleton (total swoon) who appears for the second time in The Sharks Create the Ocean as Henry Culliver’s boyfriend. I love to write tragic guys — see Audie Currell, favorite character ever — and Jax is super-tragic, for reasons you don’t find out for a very long time. I love his and Audie’s friendship, which remains very important through several books. In fact, Audie’s the only person who ends up besties with Wills and Jax at the same time, other than Henry (isn’t that weird? I always thought Audie would be Henry’s BFF and would hate Jax. But he adores Jax and ends up BFFs with Wills. It proves you never fucking know what your people will do until you put them on the page together).

By the way, Sharks really ties into the title story from Hurricane Dreams, so if you don’t remember that one in particular, go back and reread it. I don’t bother to rewrite it because I don’t want to bore readers; I don’t think this collection needs to stand on its own, and it’s a pretty goddamn memorable story.

I did a blog tour with this one, so keep your eye out for it; my favorite post, which I’ll link from my website, has the soundtrack to Neon Saturday Night on it. It’s got everything from Weezer’s cover of “Africa” to Beck’s “Debra.” If you have never listened to Debra stop what you are doing and go listen to it right now.  I swear to god it’s worth your time. Be sure you really listen to the lyrics: “I said lady/ Step inside my Hyundai” may be one for the ages.

Julia McBryant lives in the prettiest city in the whole world with her roving nebula of German Shepherds. Southern born, Southern bred, and when she dies, she’ll be Southern dead, Julia loves gold glitter, brand-new pens her children haven’t stolen, and notebooks full of character details.

She also enjoys unicorns, caffeine, and unicorns on caffeine.

When she isn’t writing she’s writing.


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