‘Through These Eyes (Blind Faith Series Book 2)’ by N.R. Walker #Audiobook #LGBTQ+ #Review

Erryn reviews ‘Through These Eyes (Blind Faith Series Book 2)’ by N.R. Walker.  The book was self-published on March 8, 2013 and is 306 pages.  The audiobook was released August 3, 2019 by Love Lane Books. It is 7 hrs and 13 mins and is narrated by Michael Pauley. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why Erryn read: I loved the first book in the series so couldn’t wait for the next one.

Six months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan, they’re still very much in love. Moving in together, moving forward, life for these two is great until some life changing events occur. Isaac has a frightening setback and Carter’s world starts to unravel. Things become even more complicated and start to change for both men when Isaac’s new colleague enters the picture. 

As Isaac struggles for what he really wants, it might just cost him what he needs the most.

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My review:

I loved Blind Faith, the first book in this series, and so was thrilled when the next book was released on audio.  I adore Michael Pauley and again felt he did a great job.  He differentiates well between the two main characters and he brought out the immediacy of the terrible situation Isaac finds himself in.  Michael always hits just the right note and is an incredibly reliable narrator.  That might seem like a weak adverb, but in the world of audiobooks, it’s reassuring to know you’re going to get a high-quality performance every time.  You get that with Michael.

The book starts about six months after Blind Faith ends.  Carter and Isaac are happy in their relationship, but Carter is yearning for more.  He feels like a guest when he stays at Isaac’s house, never quite like he belongs.  But Isaac is stubborn.  Being blind, he relies on everything being exactly where it needs to be.  He also struggles and doesn’t want Carter to see.  He wants Carter to see him at his best all the time while Carter just wants to be there.  Isaac’s stubbornness will play a major role in this book, as it did the last one.  To hope he’d changed entirely because of Carter and love was a bit much.  Even if he wasn’t blind, I still believe he’d be cynical and, on occasion, downright rude.

Isaac’s cynicism isn’t apparent, though, when a new person enters his life.  Joshua is working as a contractor at the school where Isaac teaches and they become fast friends.  Isaac believes himself to be a good judge of character, but Carter isn’t convinced Joshua is on the up and up.  This becomes an increasing source of tension between the two men.  Is Carter just jealous or is there more going on?  Can Isaac see what Joshua’s true intentions are, even though he’s blind?

The frightening setback for Isaac really was scary and I understood how and why it changed him.  For the better in some respects but not in others.  If I had undergone what he had, I’d have been altered as well.  I think we all would.  But he gets back up and soldiers on, although now willing to accept more help than before.

The dark moment in this book is pretty dark.  Isaac’s sharp tongue goes too far and, honestly, I began to wonder why Carter put up with him.  I mean love is all well and good, but cruel words do have an impact.  I could only give Isaac so much understanding of his condition before it was almost too much.  I wanted to shake some sense into him.  I got my happy ending with a decent resolution, so that was something.

I also have to mention that in this book, as with the first book, I had a good cry.  I didn’t think I would, it caught me off-guard, it didn’t detract from the book, and it kind of made sense.  Still hit me hard though.  But that’s life.

Like I said, Michael Pauley was superb, the book was great, and I enjoyed the entire thing.  There is one more book in the series and I can’t wait.

My Rating:

10/10 Points of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance. She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things…but likes it even more when they fall in love. She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since…

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