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Erryn reviews ‘Breathe (His Command Book 5)’ by Piper Scott.  Self-published on January 8, 2018, 240 pgs.  Released on audio October 7, 2019, 6 hrs & 23 mins.  Narrated by Michael Pauley.   

Why I listened to this audio:  I enjoyed Book 4 so nabbed this one.

Atop an empire of his own design lives an alpha waiting to die.

CEO Marshall Alcrest has the financial world at his feet, but it’s been years since he’s made an omega kneel…and he’s come to terms that it’s too late to ever see it happen again. A grim prognosis will cut his days short if he doesn’t take action soon, and Marshall is ready to say goodbye to his hollow, lonely life…at least, until he crosses digital paths with an omega who makes him feel alive again. 

Trapped in a world that doesn’t see his value exists an omega dying to live.

Oli McKellar is stuck. He’s educated and ready to work, but his chosen field is alpha-dominated, and no marketing department is looking to hire a pretty omega with a sarcastic mouth. The bills are stacking up, his temp jobs barely cover rent, and he’s begun to think that life will never get better. The only thing that keeps him going is his online relationship with a man he only knows as Alcrest – an older, dominant alpha with a silver tongue who makes him feel like not all hope is lost. 

When a chance encounter turns Oli and Marshall’s virtual relationship real, their chemistry is off the charts, and things quickly heat up. But Marshall is keeping a secret…and when Oli finds out that a hot night together isn’t all he has to remember Marshall by, they’ll need to figure out if the weight of their obstacles will choke them into submission, or if theirs is the kind of love that will conquer all and leave them both breathless. 

Breathe is a BDSM-flavored mpreg novel set following the events of Obey, Beg, Stay, and Heal. This conclusion to the series is best enjoyed as a sequel, but can be heard on its own. No matter which way you listen to it, there will still be copious amounts of maybe-babies, a spaghetti graveyard, sexts so filthy that someone legitimately passes out, and a shower scene that will leave you gasping.

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See Erryn’s review of book 4 here

My Review:

This series contains catchy one-word titles and all work, but none is more appropriate than this one.  Breath is essential to life and when it is obstructed – in many different ways – life becomes precarious.  Perhaps even deadly.  Don’t worry, no one dies in this book, but one of the main characters is dying, each breath a labor-intensive process. Marshall Alcrest is biding time until his life ends.  He’s only forty-seven, but a deadly diagnosis sent him into a depression that lead him to cut off many of his old friends.  He has a high-powered job that brings minimal satisfaction these days.  He’s rich beyond belief and lonely as hell.

Oliver McKellar is an omega in a world dominated by alphas.  He’s broke, a little desperate, and looking for a job that will take care of his basic needs.  His only sources of true joy are his friend Cedric and his online hookup ‘Alcrest’.  Oli has no idea who this man is, but their sexting brings relief to him in more ways than one.  Things go well until Oli’s life falls apart.  All seems lost until he meets up with Alcrest in real life.  Oli is immediately attracted to the older man and their first meeting is…epic.  Alcrest, upon hearing of Oli’s run of bad luck, has the impulse to step in and take over.  Oli has some pride and wants to hold on to his dignity, so he turns down most of it.

Their texting relationship resumes with some interesting and, in one case, dire results.

Suddenly, though, Marshall has a reason to live.  Beyond work, there is someone who needs him.  Someone who doesn’t have a plan to succeed him.  Now he’s faced with some life-altering decisions, foremost whether it’s worth fighting for.

This is not a depressing book. Ms. Scott brings her snarky banter as well as characters from previous books.  I wasn’t lost, though, so no worries if you pick up this final book in the series.  I’ve only read book 4 so it’s on my list to go back and read the others.  She has a way of making the omega characters strong while also giving them the need to be loved.  She gives her alphas nurturing qualities, something that is often missing.  These books are light BDSM and I want to emphasize light.  It works for those not interested and piques the curiosity of those who are.

Finally, I have to mention Michael Pauley.  He’s done a great job with this series and keeps putting out consistent and quality performances.  Love his work.

I’m sorry to see the series end but for those who enjoyed it, I recommend the Forbidden Desires series.  That’s how I first discovered Ms. Scott’s work and she’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

My Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

Piper Scott

Piper Scott debuted as a trio of authors looking to write together for fun. Their collaboration led to three novella-length books (Love Me, Save Me, and Keep Me,) before life sent them in different directions, leaving just one author with an omegaverse plot bunny that wouldn’t leave her alone. Obey was born several months later… but the plot bunny never left–it multiplied.

Left to her own devices, Piper Scott writes scorching but heartfelt contemporary omegaverse romance about men you can’t help but fall in love with.

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