‘The Ten Days of Halloween Giveaway’ Magnolia Ridge Series by Daniel Elijah Sanderfer #LGBT #Giveaway #Romance

*** Daniel Elijah Sanderfer is generously giving away a book a day from his Magnolia Ridge Series for 10 days***

The series will be discontinued after the giveaway so be sure to grab them right away.We will post the links each day.


Grab Your Free Book Here:

 Book 1. Stories From Magnolia Ridge

                                                                     Book 2.  Stories From Magnolia Ridge: A Magnolia Wedding

                                            Book 3. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: A Magnolia Honeymoon

                                                                    Book 4. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: The Journey to Everhart

                                      Book 5. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: Autumn On the Ridge

                                  Book 6. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: A Season of Giving

                                      Book 7. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: A Magnolia Christmas

                                      Book 8. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: The Laws of Attraction

                     Book 9. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: Born to Love

                              Book 10. Stories From Magnolia Ridge: Second Chances



Book 1:

Jeannie is a sexy southern bombshell with a problem. She inherited the farmhouse and trailer park her mother spent her life making a home. But she doesn’t want it. In disrepair and just a memory in her mind, she sells it all away to a sexy businessman named Travis from Roanoke Virginia.

At 35 He just wants to settle down in the mountains and live a nice private life with some income from the fast-paced life he once lived. But his plans are changed when he meets a smoking hot country boy named Levi who has a trailer trash demeanor harder than his ass. With a heart broken many times before, can Travis trust a kid from the Virginia mountains to repair his broken soul and the forgotten farmhouse?

When Jeannie met Jacob, she thought he was going to be the one she spent the rest of her life with. But when unresolved feelings with Jacob threaten to ruin their future and the death of a beloved friend bring them back to Magnolia; Jeannie finds herself saying goodbye to more than just one friend.

Join Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for his heartwarming debut novel. It’s just like a Hallmark movie, but gay!


Book 2:

Travis and Levi are getting married and the whole town of Appalachia is celebrating. When a misplaced invitation finds it’s way into the hands of Jacob, Jeannie’s ex-fiance, He is happy to come back to Magnolia with his plus-one Shane. A smoking hot surfer boy from the coast of North Carolina where Jeannie and Jake lived before their separation.

While Levi and Travis try to console Jeannie, Shane and Jake arrive in town and reveal secrets the boys and Jeannie never knew about Jake. Can everyone resolve their differences and come together for the boy’s big day or will their bitterness against one another spoil the happy occasion?






Book 3:

Levi and Travis are married and going away on honeymoon for the vacation of their dreams. There’s nothing better than fun and passionate sex in the sun, especially when they are spending time with their friends Jacob and Shane at the beautiful beach house they own in Carolina.

When an estranged family member walks back into Shane’s life; will he find the strength to forgive and let them come to his and Jake’s beach wedding, or will their encounter leave him exhausted and unwilling to let bygones be bygones?

Also, when a horrific accident occurs, will Levi and Shane be left wondering if they will ever see the men they have built their home’s and futures with again? Join Amazon Best Selling Author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for an exciting new chapter from the Magnolia Ridge series.

Formerly titled Magnolia Beach. Republished June 2019.


Book 4:

Before Shane Everhart met Jacob; he was born into one of the richest families on the Carolina Coast. The son of a local senator and a flighty debutant. He was destined from birth to be great; despite the fact, his parents didn’t want him.

When he receives a job opportunity working for the nicest hospital in the city, the interviewing physician makes Shane an offer that could be compared to a deal with the Devil and when drama unfolds at home, Shane finds himself homeless and hopeless. Can he overcome the obstacles of his life, on a journey to find his purpose?

Join Best Selling Author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for this inspiring coming of age story. Sometimes you have to lose everything you are to gain the riches of life.




Book 5:

The season change, just like the colors of the ridge. Travis, Levi, Jake, Shane, Jeannie, Tony, and Lola are back for another chapter in the Best Selling Magnolia Ridge Series.

When Jeannie receives news from the doctor that has the potential to end her relationship with Tony; she confides in her best friends Travis and Levi for advice. If that isn’t enough stress, Tony has an important question to ask her. But when her ex-fiance Jake arrives in town with Shane, they have a surprise for everyone that sends her into a jealous rage creating a rift between her and everyone she has come to love.






Book 6:

The holidays are just around the corner. Travis and Levi are hard at work preparing for a house full of all of their friends and family. Jake, Shane, and Austin are coming in from Carolina. Skyler and Dustin are coming in from Shenandoah. Plus all of their dear friends who are already around the small town of Appalachia Virginia.

But, Their plans are derailed when Levi’s deadbeat father Jerry returns; leaving Travis to defend his boy and family. Unfortunately, an altercation that results in the death of Levi’s mother leaves him devastated and trying to figure out how to go on in life without her. Can his friends band together and manage to salvage Thanksgiving, or will grief prove too strong a foe to recover in time for the holiday.

Join Best Selling Author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for the sixth book in the best selling Stories From Magnolia Ridge Series. Sometimes in tragedy, we discover the power inside of us to hold on tighter and be thankful for the people closest to us in this life.



Book 7:

Christmas has come on the ridge, Levi and Travis are busy getting ready for the biggest celebration the old farmhouse has seen in years. But a cloud of sadness still haunts Levi after losing both of his parents only a month ago.

Meanwhile, Jeannie is seven months along in her pregnancy and has a bad case of the holiday grumps, and when the city council asks her to play The Virgin Mary in the town Christmas Parade she must decide whether she wants the responsibility, and when her husband Tony has to work; she asks her ex-fiance Jake to play Joseph, making his husband Shane jealous.

Back At Magnolia, While he is searching for decorations in the attic he discovers a secret his father had kept hidden from him and his mother for years; he has a half-brother, and it’s someone he and Travis have met before.

Join Daniel Elijah Sanderfer and the cast of characters you have come to love for the epic seventh book in the Best Selling Magnolia Ridge Series. Even if we aren’t feeling the holiday cheer, Christmas still lives in all of us. We just need help finding it sometimes.


Book 8:

A Sexy Southern Lawyer, A Hunky Young Cop, A Small Town Murder, and An Undeniable Attraction…

When a murder occurs in the small town of Appalachia Virginia; it’s all anyone in town can talk about. The first major crime in thirty years brings a media circus of news reporters, FBI agents, and a sexy silver fox lawyer by the name of Charles Elliott from the posh nearby town of Smith Mountain Lake.

With Levi’s newfound half-brother, Officer Shawn McClain working at the police station, it’s inevitable that Charles and his paths would cross. There’s an instant undeniable attraction between them that cannot be ignored, and when Charles invites Shawn for a weekend getaway to his lake house; what started as the embers of innocent flirtations soon erupts into a burning affair; maybe even a taboo romance between the senior aged lawyer and young Shawn.

But, Charles has a secret past life including an ex-wife, kids, and a grandchild that when Shawn finds out about leads to an epic comfrontation between Charles’ ex-wife and himself. Join Best Selling Author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer and the whole cast of characters you have come to love for this exciting spinoff from The Best Selling Magnolia Ridge series.


Book 9. 

It’s February in Appalachia, Virginia. Winter’s frosty breath still lingers across the Blue Ridge Mountain town; with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our couples find themselves busy making plans. But as John Lennon said, “Life happens when we are busy making other plans.”

While Jeannie is preparing for a big Valentine’s sale at her shop, her water breaks; leaving Travis, Levi and her fiance Tony scrambling to get an ambulance to her before the babies arrive. Meanwhile, the gang discovers their dear friends Buster and Daisy who own the local restaurant are retiring. The restaurant that has been the center for everyone’s lives for decades will close. But, an unexpected offer from some old friends may just keep it open.

As the Magnolia family prepare to welcome new members to their extended family, Dustin, and Skyler face down surgery and a realization that lead them regretting ever moving to Magnolia Ridge. Join Daniel and the cast of characters you have come to love for this exciting addition to the Magnolia Ridge series.


Now that Jeannie has had the babies, and Travis and Levi are settling into life as daddies; it’s time for Jeannie to focus on one her favorite things again, herself! Spring has sprung in the small town of Appalachia, Virginia. Jeannie is planning the wedding of the century and recruits her gay best friends to help her make the day spectacular.

However, when some unexpected news comes from two of her closest friends, it may threaten to dampen the festivities. Meanwhile: Jake, Shane, and Austin are in Carolina preparing to sell the beach house and are planning on celebrating their first Easter with Austin at the beach.

With everyone’s lives rapidly changing Levi is finding it hard to cope with all of the newfound obligations, and when Tony’s drag queen brother Tyler shows up in town for the wedding, a secret is revealed that threatens to derail Travis and Levi’s marriage. Can everyone come together in time for Jeannie’s wedding or will unresolved differences and hidden secrets ruin the joyous occasion? Join Daniel Elijah Sanderfer for the exciting tenth book in the best selling Magnolia Ridge series.



Daniel Elijah Sanderfer is a retired Hospitality Manager who currently resides in Southern Indiana with his husband William. Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia, he moved to Indiana to be closer to his then fiance.

They have been married for two years and together for fourteen total years. He was always interested in writing even from a young age and was featured in a few poetry collections as a teen. When he is not writing he is caretaker, as his husband is disabled and requires full-time care.

He enjoys going to antique stores and in the summer weekend long yard sales. He currently writes LGBT fiction with a positive direction as he feels too many love stories experience tragedy. He likes to highlight the stories that survived. The couples who fought to stay together and the families that do accept them.

Connect with Daniel here:




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