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Erryn reviews Walk Tall (Assassin’s Claws Book 1) by Susi Hawke. The book was published August 10, 2019 and is 134 pages. The audiobook was published October 31, 2019. It is narrated by Kenneth Obi and is 3 hrs and 37 mins length.  A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Watch out for the Assassin’s Claws….

Clay Moreno is a paid killer, just like his four brothers. It’s the family business – they fight together, they die together. Whether they’re working as a group or alone, they are a tight unit who protect their own.

Clay drew the short straw on their latest mission: Assassinate the American president. He knew the case was going to be tough, but the last thing he expected to find was his mate…the president’s own son. The fact that he began the case with plans to seduce his way into the White House via that same son is beside the point. What his mate doesn’t know shouldn’t hurt him….

Nick Jackson is lonely and ordinary in a family of overachievers. He doesn’t want to do photo ops for the press, prep for the next year’s tests over the summer or any of the hundreds of other things his mother hassles him about. All he wants is to relax after his first year of college, work on his tan…and maybe find a boy to flirt with.

This is the first in a new series of short listens. Note: While MPREG exists in this world, we won’t have a birth in every book. This book contains killer cats, ninja bunnies, and a life-changing mating bite. Get ready for naughty-knotty fun and low-ball humor as only Susi Hawke can provide.

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My review:

I devoured this book in one sitting.  The book is cute and definitely hot.  I expect nothing less of Ms. Hawke. She delivered again in this book.  Not being a fan of mpreg, I liked that it was a background to the action in this book.  The premise is interesting – what happens when an assassin, sent to kill the American President, falls in love with his son?

Fun times, anyone?

Clay Moreno is a puma shifter (admittedly a new one for me).  His assignment is to kill the President who is threatening the safety of all shifters.  The quickest way into the bosom of America’s First Family is through their gay son.

Nick Jackson is bored.  His only fun is trying to evade his Secret Service detail.  His sister is destined to the best law school in the country.  Both his parents are overachievers.  He’s adrift at sea, not really called to any vocation, profession, or even occupation.  When we first meet him, he’s lying on his bed tossing a baseball up and down, trying to avoid being hit in the face.  Even that he can’t do at one hundred percent.

Then he goes to a party and meets the most handsome man bar none.  When he gets an invitation back up to the hotel room?  Uh, ditch the Secret Service at the door, and hole up having hot hot hot sex.  To hell with the consequences.  And haven’t we all had days when we want to give the middle finger to the world?

But Nick lives in the real world and there are consequences to his decision.  Those consequences work nicely as they bring Clay right into the White House.  And where better to be when planning to assassinate the President?

Now, of course things go awry.  Something about killer cats, ninja bunnies, and a mate bite.  I’ll let you read the story to get the gist, but I got my happy ending which was what mattered most.

I normally enjoy Kenneth Obi’s narration but this one was a bit of a miss for me.  Clay has a cultured accent with a trace of Portuguese.  The accent came and went without consistency and I found that irritating.  Accents are always a challenge, so I appreciate the effort, but it was distracting when it wasn’t there dependably.  Other than that, I think he did a good job with the book.

If you’re into shifters, this book is for you.  It’s easily digested in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyable.

My rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

I’m a total fan of M/PREG Paranormal Romances, first and foremost as a reader. I’m excited to share my own omegaverse(s) with you. What’s not to love about adorable Omegas and the Alpha men who love them? If I’m not writing about men sporting baby bumps, I’m definitely reading about them!

I’m a native of Las Vegas, NV, so I’m pre-wired to love everything weird ~ although I don’t find any kind of love to be weird. I’m a cis woman who’s been happily married to the same lovable lug for 18 years. We have a 16yr old son, well, at least I think we do? Either that, or we have a ghost that eats all our food and uses up all wifi playing xbox while screaming into a headset.

As a new author, it’s been amazing to find the amount of support that I’ve been given from readers and my fellow authors. Feel free to message me, I love to chat with fellow readers. Am I a reader? Heck yeah! In fact, I’m never certain that I can completely trust an author who isn’t a fellow bibliophile.

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