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Erryn reviews ‘Fire on the Mountain (Mountain Book 1)’ by P.D. Singer. This book was released  on June 22, 2012, and is 212 pgs long. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Finn Sterling.  It was released on September 25, 2014 and is 7 hrs and 8 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I wanted to try something new.

Take a break from academics, enjoy the Colorado Rockies, fight a fire now and then. That’s all Jake Landon expected when he signed up to be a ranger. He’ll partner with some crusty old mountain man; they’ll patrol the wilderness in a tanker, speak three words a day, and Old Crusty won’t be alluring at all. A national forest is big enough to be Jake’s closet – he’ll spend his free time fishing. Except Old Crusty turns out to be Kurt Carlson: confident, competent, and experienced. He’s also young, hot, friendly, and considers clothing optional when it’s just two guys in the wilderness.

Sharing a small cabin with this walking temptation is stressing Jake’s sanity – is he sending signals, or just being Kurt? And how would Kurt react if he found out his new partner wants to start a fire of a different kind? Jake’s terrified – they have to live together for five months no matter what. Enough sparks fly between the rangers to set the trees alight, but it takes a raging inferno to make Jake and Kurt admit to the heat between them.

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Erryn’s Review:

Sometimes you pick up a book and you’re like – wow, that was just what I needed.  This was that book for me.  It was unexpected in a good way.  Jake Landon is a good guy.  He’s taking time off before heading to pharmacy school and figures a summer as a park ranger would be a good way to pass the time.  He’s looking forward to some peace, quiet, and fishing.  Oh, and putting out fires, should they crop up.  He knows he’s going to be paired with somebody and he assumes it’ll be an old timer.


He gets Kurt Carlson.  Sex on a stick Kurt Carlson.  Hot without a shirt Kurt Carlson. Often sees clothing as optional Kurt Carlson.

Now, Jake knows he’s gay.  He’s just never acted on it before.  He has desires but no way to express them.  Plus, Kurt’s gotta be straight, right?  Because what are the odds of two hot gay guys winding up on the same team?

Pretty good, apparently.

This story is told entirely from Jake’s perspective, so only when Kurt reveals his true feelings do we get the whole story.  That the attraction is mutual – and has been almost from the beginning.  Suddenly things are looking very interesting for the two men.

Except, you know, those pesky fires.  I wasn’t expecting a high-intensity book, but this definitely had serious action.  Like heart-pounding action.  And a happy ending.  Just the perfect book for me at the right time.

There is a bonus story at the end that explains a few events mentioned in the story.  Worth a listen and nice to get Kurt’s point of view.

This is the first book I’ve listened to by Finn Sterling and it won’t be the last.  He did a great job and I really enjoyed his performance.  I can honestly say this is a great book.

Erryn’s Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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P.D. Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, one young adult, and seventy-nine pounds of pets. She’s a big believer in research, first-hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain PD has skied down a mountain face-first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and is rethinking a novel that includes sky-diving.

When not writing, playing her fiddle, or walking the sheddiest member of the family, she can be found with a book in hand.

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