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Erryn reviews ‘The Night (Love in O’Leary Book 5)’ by May Archer. The book was self published on December 6, 2019 and is 212 pages.  The audiobook was published Self published  December 18, 2019 and is 6 hours and 47 minutes. The book is narrated by Michael Dean. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

One night, in Vegas, I gave him my heart. One day later, he broke it.

Look, I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. I don’t do pretty words, I don’t give polite smiles, and I refuse to be sucked into the sappy bucket of sentimentality that is Christmas in small-town O’Leary. Smiling neighbors, overly decorated trees, a town parade, a Santa contest? Ho ho no. I do shifts as a firefighter, and I go home alone.

I fell into the trap once – that stupid night in Vegas – of believing there was more out there for me. I took a chance on a guy with magical green eyes and a gorgeous smile. The next day, Liam McKnight was gone. He took my heart with him, and left his wedding ring behind.

Except, now, my once-upon-a-time husband has reappeared with a kid in tow, and there are carols, lights, and cookies everywhere I turn. And worst of all, the spark between us burns brighter than ever because whatever happened in Vegas definitely didn’t stay there. 

Liam came to town looking for an ending, but what’s building between us feels an awful lot like a beginning. Too bad it’s going to take more than a dozen interfering O’Learians to convince me to take a second chance on heartache, on love…and on us.

Please note: While The Night is very much Liam and Gideon’s story, characters from past books do make an appearance, and you’ll enjoy the book exponentially more if this isn’t your first trip to O’Leary.

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My Review: 

This is my second time visiting O’Leary and I have to say I loved it even more than the last time.  Ms. Archer’s humor and comedic timing are great.  I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud.  I treasure books like that.

Liam needs to get his divorce papers signed before he moves on with his life.  Five years ago he impulsively married a man he barely knew.  A man he believed himself in love with.  Gideon was the man he believed he could easily spend the rest of his life with.  Then fate intervened and he had to leave, eventually becoming a father to a rather feisty young girl.  (I just have to say I think Hazel Grace is part of what makes this book magic – this kid was awesome…)

I very much relate to Gideon.  He’s alone, kind of grumpy, and hates Christmas.  He’s good a doing charitable things but Santa Claus impersonations?  Never going to happen.  Ever.  Not in a million years.  He’s the fire chief in O’Leary and Christmas to him is just one big fire hazard.  Oh, and his friends?

“Isn’t rescuing kittens kind of your thing?” Parker grinned mischievously, completely undeterred and I gnashed my teeth.

“I can’t believe you brought that up. That was one time,” I hissed.  “Months ago and I had no idea anyone was taking damn pictures let alone that the fucking thing was going to be all over the internet.”

“But you looked so hot, all decked out in your fire gear with a little orange puffball cuddled against your big manly chest.  Ovaries and movaries exploded all over New York.” Parker fluttered his eyelashes.

Once again, I was confident I would regret asking, but, “movaries?”

“Oh, that’s, uh, male ovaries.” Parker twisted his mouth to one side.  “Pretty sure it’s a thing.  Or possibly I made it up.”

“Jesus.” I scrubbed at my hair again.  “Why would you make that up?”

“Well, you know when you see an adorable baby and you get the sudden temporary urge to have a kid just so you can squish its cheeks all day?”


“Okay, well, have you ever seen a hot guy doing something super sweet like, perhaps, cuddling said cute baby or say nestling a tiny kitten against his chest and you kind of feel simultaneously protective and aroused?”


Parker sighed.  “Well then possibly you were born without movaries.”

“That’s very likely since they don’t exist.”

Okay, I might have laughed my ass off, grateful I was in the car alone.  Anyway, when Gideon is confronted with the love of his life, that gruffness starts to slip away.  He’s still resentful and angry for having been abandoned the morning after his hasty nuptials, but eventually he’s open to considering there might be another side to the story.  And, despite his tough guy demeanor, he kind of falls for Hazel.  Who wouldn’t?

Second chance romances are a trope I enjoy when done well and this one is done well.  Between the humor and the good feels, it was a truly enjoyable book.  I have to give a shout out to Michael Dean (formerly Michael Pauley) who narrates this series.  Talk about comedic timing.  He nails every funny line and yet also evinces each emotional moment as well.  He does a great job and I really enjoyed his performance.

My Rating:

10/10 pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, finding inventive ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it. She also writes MF romance as Maisy Archer.

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