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Erryn reviews Stand Out (Assassin’s Claws Book 2) by Susi Hawke. The book was published September 22, 2019 and is 162 pages. The audiobook was published December 17, 2019. It is narrated by Kenneth Obi and is 4 hrs and 52 mins length.  A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Watch out for the Assassin’s Claws…. 

Gifflet “Gib” Moreno is a paid killer, just like his four brothers. It’s the family business – they fight together, they die together. Whether they’re working as a group or alone, they are a tight unit who protect their own. 

As the introverted brother who’s known for watching from the shadows and listening more than he talks, Gib is the one sent on a discrete assignment. His mission: Follow a blackmarket importer, learn what he knows about the plot afoot to reveal the secret existence of shifters…then kill him. 

HRH Darius Aurea, prince of the island nation of Aurelia is in town to do what he does best: Party. The last thing he expects is to have a blast from his past show up with claims that he has a son. And that his alleged son has been kidnapped. 

A bungled rescue attempt finds Darius also imprisoned and it falls on Gib to save the day. Not only the day, but also his…mate? The stealthy assassin is far from thrilled to find his true mate is someone as loud and well-known as HRH Prince Partypants.

This is the second book in the Assassin’s Claws series. Note: While mpreg exists in this world, we won’t have a birth in every book. This book contains killer cats, ninja bunnies and a spoiled prince who’ll need to alpha up if he wants to keep his man. Get ready for naughty-knotty fun and low-ball humor as only Susi Hawke can provide.

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My review:

This is the second Susi Hawke book I’ve listened to in as many days and the second where fated mates recognized each other by scent.  Well, the sober one did, anyway.  The next time they met, though, and their destiny was set.  I suppose that might happen to humans in real life (e.g. love at first sight), but it feels a little weird to me.  These are two men from vastly different worlds and the assumption they’re just going to adapt and change their lives is a little daunting.  That being said, this is a good story.

I was intrigued that the party boy was the alpha.  Darius does not have his shit together.  Like at all.  Having a son he knew nothing about might be the first clue that he’s not the most responsible.  Is it his fault he’s only just finding out about the boy?  Perhaps not, but it is telling.  Once he mans up, so to speak, he does everything he can to rescue the boy.

Gifflet (better known as Gib) is an assassin.  It’s a family thing.  He might be an omega, but he’s stood tall along side his brothers, taking on tough assignments.  This latest one brings him into contact with some unsavory characters, an alpha prince, and a young boy who is way too old  spiritually for his age.

This is an interesting story with twists and turns I didn’t always see coming. From snake shifters, to killer cats, and ninja bunnies, the action went right along.  Even the alpha and omega story didn’t progress quite the way I thought it would.

Kenneth Obi narrates this series and with Darius’ accent does a decent job.  He is able to maintain the accent through most of the book, so that was appreciated.  Overall I enjoyed this book.  I’ll be interested to see where the series goes next.

My rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars


I’m a total fan of M/PREG Paranormal Romances, first and foremost as a reader. I’m excited to share my own omegaverse(s) with you. What’s not to love about adorable Omegas and the Alpha men who love them? If I’m not writing about men sporting baby bumps, I’m definitely reading about them!

I’m a native of Las Vegas, NV, so I’m pre-wired to love everything weird ~ although I don’t find any kind of love to be weird. I’m a cis woman who’s been happily married to the same lovable lug for 18 years. We have a 16yr old son, well, at least I think we do? Either that, or we have a ghost that eats all our food and uses up all wifi playing xbox while screaming into a headset.

As a new author, it’s been amazing to find the amount of support that I’ve been given from readers and my fellow authors. Feel free to message me, I love to chat with fellow readers. Am I a reader? Heck yeah! In fact, I’m never certain that I can completely trust an author who isn’t a fellow bibliophile.

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