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Erryn reviews Make Me Give In (Omega Celibacy Club) by Angel Knots. The book was published April 22, 2019. The audiobook was published August 9, 2019. It is narrated by Charlie David and is 8 hrs and 12 mins length.  A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Welcome to the Omega Celibacy Club. No sex until graduation. No unexpected pregnancies. No alphas needed.


Even if it’s not politically correct to say so anymore, everyone still knows that alphas and omegas are ruled by their biology. Sure, it’s the 21st century now and most people have given up believing in archaic ideas like fated mates, but just take a look at college drop out rates and you’ll see that some things haven’t changed at all. Alphas still dominate, omegas still submit, and horny college kids in heat let their hormones dictate poor choices every day.

Not me and my roommates, though. Not if I have anything to say about it. Too many of our classmates here at Preston College have gotten knocked up and then dropped out. Given up their goals and dreams just because they’ve met an alpha with a big…ego. The point here is that there’s only one surefire way to avoid that trap, and that’s why I started the Omega Celibacy Club. No sex until graduation. No unexpected pregnancies. No alphas needed.

And no, I’m not just saying that because I’ve been hung up on one particular alpha for approximately ever. I’m totally over Hunter King. I mean, not that there was ever anything to get over. Our families have been friends forever and he dated my sister back when I was still just a kid, but even if me and my right hand may have pined for him once upon a time, I barely ever think of him anymore.

I mean never. I never think of him anymore.

Did I mention I’m over it?


Weddings are a great place to get laid, but when I show up for my ex’s big day, I’m hoping to get a lot more than that. I’ve never admitted it, but the reason I broke up with her all those years ago was because of her brother. One look at little Simon Lawson and I was a goner. Of course I didn’t say anything though, not back then. I didn’t touch him. Always kept my distance. I had to, because he was just a kid…but he’s all grown up now.

I’ve bided my time for years, but now I’m ready to see if the feeling is mutual. And if it is, I know exactly what I want. I want Simon. I want a family. And I want it forever. And even though I’ve never been the kind of alpha who imposes his will on omegas, when I finally realize just what it is that my omega needs, I know I’ll do anything at all to make that forever happen.

In fact, I’ll do everything.

Make Me Give In is the first book in the Omega Celibacy Club series, a contemporary omegaverse world where the only thing stronger than an alpha’s will is his desire to keep his omega happy, and where even omegas who don’t believe in fated mates sometimes still find them.

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My review:

I’ll start my review by discussing Charlie David.  I enjoy his narrations because he always delivers a solid and reliable performance.  He had distinct voices for each of the male characters (and there were a bunch of them), and handled the rest of the book with a solid narration.  I’m glad he helmed this book.

I did enjoy the book although I didn’t love it.  The story was fairly predictable – an omega who knows pregnancy will ruin his chances of having a successful career and life beyond being a husband and father.  Simon is so worried that he recruits his brother and two friends into creating the Omega Celibacy Club.  They take a celibacy (note – not virginity) pledge, dedicated to foreswearing all intercourse with alphas until they graduate university.  It’s funny to watch how each member tries to figure out what he can get away with (is oral sex included? what about watching porn?).

Simon, although founding member, soon gives up the pledge.  He’s found his mate and he’s on blockers, so what’s the big deal, right?  Of course I knew he was going to wind up pregnant.  Of course I knew he was going to freak out.  Of course I knew things would work out in the end.  I was looking for more with this book, the first in the series.  I wanted to see character growth, but all I saw was overwrought and anxiety.  You’d think there had never been a successful working mother before to set a good example.  Or, in this world, a father who gave birth and then went on to a career.  Even stories from those close to Simon don’t really move the needle with him.  I guess I wanted more differentiation between the standard knocked up and pregnant story.  It’s a tried and true trope, but I hoped this would go further.

All that being said, I enjoyed the book and will pick up the next one in the series.  I’m interested to see how the other men react to Simon’s fatherhood and their own raging omega hormones.

My rating:

8/10 Pots of Gold (80% Recommended) – Compares to 4/5 Stars

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Angel Knots is the pen name of a rabid Omegaverse fan who also happens to be a writer.

In real life, Angel goes by another name and pens contemporary gay romance stories when she’s not chasing after the two small humans she spawned during the last decade.

She knows that the fans of her other books may not appreciate knotting, soul-bonds, and male impregnation as much as she does, so with the flick of a pen she created a new identity and happily started filling blank pages with self-lubricating omegas and the alphas they love.

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