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Dana and Marc review Bringer of Night (SPECTR Series 3 Book 2) by Jordan L.Hawk. (Published December 19, 2019, 103 pages) A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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The vampire spirit Gray and his human host Caleb have sworn never to drink from a human again. But when a woman from one of Caleb’s tour groups is murdered by what appears to be a vampire, Caleb is arrested as the prime suspect. Not only does she have a bite mark on her throat, but security camera footage reveals her murderer looks exactly like Caleb, down to the clothes he was wearing that night.

Can Caleb and Gray clear their names, not only to the police but to John? Or will the new life they’ve built in New Orleans come crashing down around them?

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If you are new to this series, we really recommend starting at the beginning!

We can strongly recommend The Complete Series One (6 books) and Two (5 books) as eBook or Audiobook Collection!

SPECTRE: The Complete First Series | eBook | Audiobook

SPECTRE: The Complete Second Series | eBook | Audiobook


First, let me start with how I feel about this series. I absolutely love the dynamics between John and his two lovers who share one body, Caleb and Gray. This isn’t really a series you can jump into at any point. Reading from the beginning is your best bet because there is a lot of world building and character development. So much action and plenty of twists and turns.

In SPECTR series 3, book 1, I found myself uncomfortable with where John, Gray, and Caleb were in their lives. I loved that they were still together after what happened to them at the end of series 2, but they were so out of their element. John’s career is not what it used to be and he just discovered his family had moved on without him. Gray and Caleb were doing their best to acclimate to being in a new city and working as a tour guide, but they had lost all confidence in how they fit with John. They felt like they always had to be on their best behavior, they couldn’t admit that a part of them had missed the other drakul/vampire Drugoy and his human counterpart Yuri. They would not let themselves have the intimacy of drinking John’s blood because they were caught drinking from a human in the past. (A human who had tried to kill them and John, but it was still a punch in the gut of their relationship). So with Caleb, John, and Gray all out of sorts, I just needed them to be fixed in this book.

Well, things do get much better for them as a couple. (Throuple?) It was a big relief for me because no matter what they face, I know they can do it when they are together mentally and physically. The Rougarou from the last book are all gone, but the brand new drakul they found is of some interest. This vampire spirit is not inhabiting a living body so there is not a lot of worry about it turning into a cold blooded killer. Though Caleb definitely has some concerns about trusting him for sure. The drakul who is called Night for a lack of a better name, is also very curious about Caleb and Gray because the emotions that play a big part in their decisions is “mortal nonsense.” They are learning about each other and for now somewhat able to help each other.

The biggest mystery that looks to be shaping up for series 3 involves John’s past. In the past series and books, I have only known that John’s family had disowned him because of his psychic abilities. It certainly didn’t endear me to them, because they threw him out and caused him such pain as a teenager. Or so it might seem. But then John’s mother and father were pretty cryptic in the last book and John began to doubt his own memories and existence. Part of me just felt they were letting John feel their disregard for him. But, OMG! This book delivers some crazy news and John is more lost than ever. At least about who he is and what he is supposed to be doing. Thank goodness he and Caleb and Gray had repaired most of the trust issues because I think he is going to need them and all their love to get through what is coming next. Someone doesn’t want John to know who he is or isn’t and this secret could be deadly.

I am sure that there will be more NHE’s and demons for the three to fight with Night by their side sometimes, and Zahira is around for support as well. But along with that I am so eager to find out what secrets John’s past holds. It is not terribly clear at this point but it is so intriguing. The fact that I know these guys can lean on each other is definitely a relief and even though things are falling apart around them, I am not as uncomfortable as I was in the last book. I have quite a bit of faith in these characters and the author. If you haven’t read this series yet, then I highly recommend it and this book.

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 stars

Marc – 

I have an enormous trust for this author, because he has written so many amazing books, including my favorite book series ‘Whyborne & Griffin’ and I absolutely LOVE the SPECTR series and especially the three main characters. Still, I must admit that the last book left our heroes in a weird spot. I had no idea where things were going for them. They seemed out-of-sync in a new and strange situation, I couldn’t see a clear direction for this third series yet and having yet another drakul there made me think of the superhero show ‘the flash’ that often has speed-based villains, and I hoped having another drakul would not start feeling repetitive.Still, the last book was still a great read and the author did earn my trust, so even without knowing where this was going, I was eager to find out. And Jordan L. Hawk did not disappoint!

There were some seeds that were planted in the last book that really really paid off! I had no idea where these storylines where heading and to be honest, I (and the characters) still don’t completely know what’s going on, but I am super excited. The big mystery is very personal with super high stakes and it feels fresh and intriguing. The new drakul, because he is in a dead body and very inquisitive, brings a very different dinamic to the series and the main characters come together in a beautiful way that will enable them to face a very uncertain future together. If you couldn’t tell, this book made me very excited about this third series, but more than that, it was a fantastic entry and I had a blast devouring it.

The book does not only set up the future of this series well, though, the ‘monster of the week’ was very interesting, too. The monster and mystery were a perfect fit to challenge the characters in just the right way to bring out the best of them in a very difficult situation and to prove to each other that they still are the best team and can rely on each other. It forced a direly needed confrontation between them about things they did not want to think or talk about, but that were very important. That includes Zahira, too, because she is part of the family and as always an absolute scene-stealer! I love her so much!

This book was amazing and did all the right things at the right time in the right way. I’m super hooked again and can’t wait to find out what’s next!

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 stars

Jordan L. Hawk is a trans author from North Carolina. Childhood tales of mountain ghosts and mysterious creatures gave him a life-long love of things that go bump in the night. When he isn’t writing, he brews his own beer and tries to keep the cats from destroying the house. His best-selling Whyborne & Griffin series (beginning with Widdershins) can be found in print, ebook, and audiobook.

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