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Erryn reviews ‘Be My Mistake (North Shores Stories Book 0.5)’ by Lynn Van Dorn. The ebook was published February 17, 2018 and is 104 pages. The audiobook was narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo.  It was released February 4, 2020 and is 3hrs and 2mins. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book: I love Damage Control and Daddy Issues. 

One grumpy boy…

Ethan’s Valentine’s Day isn’t going well. He’s been talked into attending a pretentious premier gala with his ex-boyfriend at movie mogul Charles Weston’s posh Beverly Hills mansion. Ethan’s plan is to hit up the free bar for all the gin they’ll give him, then slink home, alone. Instead, he gets lost in the host’s mansion, runs into a handsome stranger, and suddenly, his night takes a sharp turn for the better.

Plus one lonely man… 

Charlie has everything he could ever want, except someone to love, and he’s just about given up trying to find him. Then, at his party, he stumbles upon a young man gawking at his Cezanne and cursing his name. Charlie is amused, then charmed, then turned on by Ethan, who can’t shut up and has the biggest blue eyes Charlie has ever seen.

Equals the most memorable Valentine’s Day, ever!

Both know that falling into bed with a stranger is a terrible idea, but it might turn out to best mistake either has ever made.

Be My Mistake is a prequel of sorts to Damage Control, but can be listened to on its own. It’s a scorching hot Valentine’s Day novella with a mouthy twink, the best daddy ever, a lot of John Hughes references, a ridiculous mansion which may or may not contain a twink pit, and, of course, a HEA.


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My Review: 

I’m in love with Lynn Van Dorn’s North Shore Stories series and after gorging on the two big books, I was intrigued by this novella.  I hadn’t given Ethan much thought in the previous books, only noting that being Tyler’s boyfriend would be tough, given his issues (including nightmares and cutting).  I also vaguely remember they were both bottoms so I’d wondered how that might work.

When I realized Ethan was going to be in this novella, I was intrigued.  The synopsis sounded interesting, and I’m always game for something new, so I dove in.  I have to say I enjoyed the story.  Ethan was adorable and Charlie was interesting.  The concept of a twink pit was amusing as were the antics of the two men.  I do want to say that I was uncomfortable with the men having sex while Ethan was clearly intoxicated, but that’s my prim and proper self stepping up.  Consent was never an issue, although in my consent class they teach that someone drunk can’t actually consent.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let me talk about the perfect prostrate pounding penis – nice alliteration, by the way.  Charlie and Ethan are perfectly suited and not just because one is a top and one is a bottom.   Charlie is successful, rich, and lonely.  Ethan is, well, none of those things.  Well, maybe lonely.  He writes for a tabloid and lives in a cheap run-down place.  He in no way believes that Charlie would be interested in more than a one-night stand, and Charlie has to fight every impulse to drag Ethan into his bedroom and keep him there.  Forever.  Now, novellas are, by their nature, short.  Sometimes you have to suspend disbelief with the instalove thing.  Somehow, though, despite the short period of time, I believed Charlie and Ethan would make a good couple.  And not just because they both react differently to commands like ‘come for Daddy’.

I would have enjoyed this novella regardless, but Michael Ferraiuolo’s narration took the story to a whole new level of wonderful.  I enjoy Michael’s narrations and he’s one of my favorites.  I can happily recommend this story as a nice addition to a kick-ass amazingly awesome series.

My Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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Lynn Van Dorn was born in Ohio and left it for the wilds of Chicago in her reckless youth.  She wanted to become a fairy princess when she grew up, but since there are few openings for that position, she makes do with being a writer.

In her spare time, she drinks entirely too much tea, snugs her cats, loves her husband and son, reads voraciously, and avoids housework.  She loves to watch anime, travel, knit, bake cookies, and conjure up happy every afters for handsome men who have trouble getting there on their own.

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