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Wendy and Erryn review ‘The Poison Within: An Order Universe Short’ by Kasia Bacon. The ebook was published March 18, 2017 and is 59 pages. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Michael Fox , released on March 17, 2020, and is 1 hr and 39 mins long.  A copy was provided for an honest review.

Why Wendy read this book: I read this book when it was released as an e-book and was excited to be able to listen to the audio version.

Why Erryn read this book: I’m enjoying this series

Black clouds of xenophobia gather over Radvadur, the western province of the Empire. 

The political climate is strained and fragile. A surge of Nymph refugees has stirred widespread hostility towards non-humans. When the investigation of a gruesome triple murder linked to the refugee camp ensues, it takes Inspector Käyru Skaer and his lover, Count Ellydhar Finn-Jánn, along an unusual path, at the end of which a precious gift awaits. 

Käyru and Elly are worlds apart in social standing, but they have found common ground in the bedroom – up against the wall and the stable doors, too. The arrangement between them ought to have been temporary and of no consequence. As their circumstances change, will they find the courage to risk their hearts? 

Warning: Contains mentions of off-page sexual assault

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Wendy’s Review: As I said above, I’d read this book when it was released as an e-book. listening to it brought it to life in an entirely new way.

Kasia Bacon has a way with the English language that makes her writing perfection.

This audio version of the story made that much more apparent for me. Michael Fox as a narrator is new to me but I loved his accent and the smooth cadence to his voice. His different character voices were very good. He did an excellent job with this book.

I still love this world and the characters. I have a special place in my heart for these two though. They went through so much and felt the need to leave so much unsaid between them so they wouldn’t hurt either themselves or their lover. Needless to say this brought about a great deal of angst and some measure of confusion. Not only is there angst and romance, there’s murder and intrigue. Kayru is such a romantic and I envision him as a big teddy bear. Even if he has to come across as stalwart and brutish for his profession, he’s studious and kind. Elly… well, I couldn’t love an aristocratic character more. He was very much a product of his station, thinking of those he was responsible for and putting their needs above his own. They both hid so much from each other for very different reasons and both go to extraordinary lengths for their love.

I wondered if love would win the day when they put it all out there on the table.

Wendy’s Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

Erryn’s Review: 

What would you do for someone you love?

That’s a question I think more and more of us are asking in these challenging days. If a loved one is sick and even dying, what would you do?  It’s the exact circumstance Käyru Skaer finds himself in.  His lover, Count Ellydhar Finn-Jánn, is ill.  Too stubborn to admit it, of course (aren’t most men?), but the illness is taking a firm hold and it’s only a matter of time.  Doesn’t stop them from doing it at every opportunity, of course.  (They are men, after all.)

When the Inspector is called to a grisly triple murder (graphic description, to be sure), things get complicated.  What happens when all is not as it seems?  When it’s hard to say who is on the side of the angels?

This was a quick listen and I enjoyed it.  The world building is always phenomenal and adds to the enjoyment.  Michael Fox is narrating this series and he does a great job.  I will definitely keep an eye out for more novellas from this duo.

Erryn’s Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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A linguist and an avid reader with a particular fondness for fantasy and paranormal genres, KASIA BACON lives in London with her husband. When not tearing her hair out over a translating project, she writes stories about the shenanigans of emotionally constipated assassins and sexy Elves. Otherwise, she can be found shaking her loins at a Zumba class, binging on anime or admiring throwing knives on Pinterest. A lover of MMA and Muay Thai, she also enjoys nature and the great outdoors. She dreams of becoming independently wealthy, leaving the city and moving into her wooden mini-manor—located in the heart of stunning forests resembling those of the Elven Country depicted in her tales.

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