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‘Sleepless Flame’ (Book 1) by Odin Oxthorn. Published by Odins Musings March 11, 2018, 608 pages. 

Odin Oxthorn shares their thoughts and process about writing Sleepless Flame. 


If your biggest payout was from your worst enemy, would you still take the deal?

After thirty years living in exile from her homeworld, Nara grew weary of the monotony of mercenary life: Do job for Company A, anger Company B, then defuse the inevitable retaliation. Repeat ad nauseam.

Most importantly, try hard not to piss off the ruthless Galavantier Corp again. A task easy enough- until the unconscious body of the Biotech’s heir lands at her feet.

Thrown in the midst of a cutthroat power shift within the heart of cybernetic conglomerate, Nara must now decide: return to the safety of her hermetic lifestyle, or aid her strange bedfellow-and hope to survive the aftermath.

Sleepless Flame is a faced-paced action-packed scifi story that features a nonbinary protagonist. Enter a vibrant cyberpunk world full of corporate intrigue while using fascinating automated combat technology and computer skills.

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Sleepless Flame stemmed from my obsession with the Cyberpunk genre. I love colorful hyperfuturistic worlds with a bit of darkness intertwined. I am also a fan of the episodic, mission-style based narratives, which can be polarizing.  Firefly and Star Trek come to mind as examples.

My stories are character focused, with the protagonist growing into an interesting, three-dimensional evolution. At first, Nara was a reflection of my own experience, feeling alien amid her peers. But as I continued to write her, she morphed into someone else with dissimilar motives and reactions.

Then came the changes in gender. At first, she was female. But then I got thinking, why would an alien have the same characteristics as human gender? Soon enough, her entire race developed an entirely different perspective on gender: there was no gender, only people with different characteristics. The world she hailed from used their careers as pronouns.

Being a transmasc nonbinary individual myself, I began to break away from the “traditional” perspectives. Non-essential characters defaulted to “They.” Even the more vocal characters had their own expression. While it was practice, it became something completely natural to me. The world itself changed, a story where gender nonconforming individuals were normal people, not confined to a character trait or personality marker. There is no romance here. Just a collection of platonic relationships.

But in any case, I hope you enjoy this world as much as I did creating it. It holds a very special place in my heart, and I am proud to share it with the world.









From the Author

A project that started in 2011, Sleepless Flame is the start of a massive universe that I hope will provide a spark to the imagination. I wanted to create worlds that readers will feel a part of, and experience new perspectives through the characters encountered.

Sleepless Flame is a faced-paced action-packed scifi world that features a nonbinary protagonist. Navigate a world full of corporate intrigue and shadowy underground dealings using fascinating combat technology and computer skills.

About the Author

A chronically bored spooky creature, Odin dabbles in a strange array of interests to keep their wandering brain in check. When not writing under the influence of caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks, Odin can be found escaping reality with video games or getting their fingers tangled in a mess of threads and needles. Provided their cats do not scatter the contents of their work space across oblivion, Odin also creates beaded jewelry and videolessons on YouTube.

Be sure to find Odin around the Interwebs and see more oftheir works:

@OdinsMusings – Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads

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