The Long Way (The Way Home Book 2) by May Archer #Audiobook #Review #Contemporary #LGBT

Erryn reviews ‘The Long Way (The Way Home Book 2)’ by May Archer. The book was published on November 6, 2017 and is 286 pages.  The audiobook was published April 9, 2020 and is 8 hours and 16 minutes. The book is narrated by Michael Dean. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Sometimes, the shortest distance between ruin and restoration and between lies and truth is the long way.

Damon Fitzpatrick’s life is in ruins. Vilified as the pilot responsible for the plane crash that killed Levi and Charlotte Seaver, Damon lost everything – his reputation, his livelihood, his family, and his future. And Damon knows exactly who to blame – none other than powerful Senator Emmett Shaw, the criminal mastermind behind the crash. No matter how long it takes, Damon is determined to get justice and to get his life back.

Cain Shaw is the poster child for success. As the young, rich, handsome son of a picture-perfect family and the face of his father’s conservative political campaign, he has a bright future ahead of him. But the senator has been hiding secrets that threaten to crack that flawless facade – secrets he’s killed to protect. 

Cain is determined to make sure no one else gets hurt, even if it means keeping his own long-held secret. When Damon’s quest for justice goes awry, Cain becomes the older man’s unlikely savior, and the two are thrown together in a hunt for evidence that will free them both. 

But as the road gets longer, the stakes get higher, and the danger that stalks them draws closer, they must find the strength to trust one another…because the one complication they can’t outrun is each other.

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My Review: 

When I read The Easy Way, I quickly fell in love with Cain and Damon.  Damon was the tragic figure – he’d been the pilot in a plane that crashed.  The sole survivor.  The one blamed for the whole thing.  Somehow he survived and he quietly set about clearing his name.  His brother Cort played a big part in that in the first book.  Cort found love in the first book.

Then there was Cain.  Younger, naïve, and taken advantage of by someone he trusted.  Betrayed and humiliated, he escaped too much notice because of a twist of fate, but some people know his truth.  A truth he hides.  His good friend Camden witnessed the humiliation and he also found love in the first book.

This second book takes up not long after the first. Damon is still persona non grata with most people not even realizing he’s alive.  But he’s not given up in seeking vengeance against those he believes caused the crash and killed his passengers.  He was also injured and has a nice limp to serve as a constant reminder.  As if he needed one.

Damon tries to crash a party and Cain is there to prevent him.  He sees things more objectively than the hot-headed older man.  Now they find themselves in close quarters, and things get real when Damon’s sister and niece are threatened.  These men who have been more at odds than getting along, are going to have to work together to find out what’s going on and who is truly responsible.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I enjoyed the story.  I love age gap stories, especially when the younger of the pair is sometimes the stronger of the two.  Not that Damon was weak, but Cain had an inner strength at times that I liked.  I also liked that both men were vulnerable.

The title made perfect sense with the story and I can’t wait for the final instalment.  And narration?  I have said so many great things about Michael Dean and they’re all true.  He’s talented, hard-working, and always delivers a stellar performance.  He is great with this series and I can’t wait for the next book.

My Rating:

10/10 pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, finding inventive ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it. She also writes MF romance as Maisy Archer.

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