‘Catch a Tiger by the Tail’ (One Scoop or Two, Book 1) by Gabbi Grey #LGBT #ReleaseDay #Spotlight #Review #Contemporary #MM #RomCom #Romance

Wendy reviews ‘Catch a Tiger by the Tail’ (One Scoop or Two, Book 1) by Gabbi Grey. Published by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. June 15,2020, 100 pages

Thomas Walsh knows the number one rule in the film industry. Don’t get involved with the talent. But resisting the urge to take the big screen to the bedroom can be hell when the lead actor on the set looks good enough to eat…one slow lick at a time.

Peter Erickson’s latest role as a gay man hits a little too close to home. He’s still in the closet and secretly grieving the death of his lover. Then an enchanting production assistant catches his eye, and he’s surprised by the instant attraction that stirs more than his wounded soul.

When the two men are caught on camera in a very intimate pose, both Thomas and Peter are afraid they’ve caught a tiger by the tail.




* A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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“The frown is back, Peter.”

Damn. “Just concentrating on the ice cream.”

“If you say so.”

I turned to him and stuck out my tongue.

His mouth gaped open. “Did you just stick your tongue out at me?”

Leaning over, I took another swipe at his ice cream. Little remained, only cone. Much the same as mine.

“You know, that licorice is growing on me.” The orange cream was becoming a favorite. “What’s it called?”

“Tiger tail.” The omnipresent grin was back. “Created by a woman named Morgan Carr back in the 1950s, it is very popular in Canada, Southern Ontario in particular. It is almost impossible to find in the United States.”

He said the words with faux officiousness, and I burst out laughing. “I find the flavor oddly compelling.”

“Ah, but here’s the real test—would you pick it all on your own if you had the choice?”

“Over the other hundred flavors?” Good question. “I’m not sure. I love cookies and cream, adore chocolate chunk, and have even enjoyed spumoni.”

Thomas gagged. “That’s disgusting. You obviously have no taste.”

“Says the man who believes black licorice belongs in ice cream.”

“You enjoyed it.”

“Probably more than I should have.” There, the honest truth. I had enjoyed it. I enjoyed the company even more.

Why I read this book: I’ve read this author before and have enjoyed their work. I was happy for the opportunity to read and review when offered. 

Flawless: That’s how I’m going to start this review because I don’t want to beat around the bush and make you wait before I tell you all that this is a fantastic story. 

I’ve read a few books with this trope, “closeted movie star falls for someone on the set” but I honestly started the book without having read any blurb so I didn’t have any preconceived ideas. It wouldn’t have made any difference. I was immediately absorbed in the story. 

It has funny moments, (rom-com) and sweet moments and moments where things could have gone much differently. I was happily kept on my toes. The character’s dialog and the plot flow effortlessly. Seriously, I don’t often read something that feels so smooth and real.

Bonus: I learned about something new…Tiger Tail Ice Cream. 

Happy: That’s how I’m going to end this review. I was honestly so happy with these guys that I cried happy tears. THIS BOOK MADE ME FEEL GOOD! This book is going to the top of my comfort read list. I know that I’m going to reread it over and over. I can’t wait to find out what Gabbi has in store for us next? That’s what I want to leave you with. 

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended

I live surrounded by trees, raccoons, deer, and other woodland creatures, on a mountain in beautiful British Columbia where my fur baby chin poo keeps me safe from nasty bears.

Working for the government by day, I spend my nights writing contemporary, gay, sweet, and dark erotic BDSM romances…and while I firmly believe in happy endings, I also believe in making my characters suffer before finding their true love.

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