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Erryn reviews ‘Storm Season (Accidental Roots Book 1’ by Elle Keaton.  The book was published by Dirty Dog Press on March 10, 2017 and is 270 pages.  The audiobook was narrated by Nick Gallagher.  It was released June 1, 2020 and is 7hrs and 49mins.   This book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read: I enjoyed Conspiracy Theory and so was game to try another.

Death brought him home, will love keep him there?

Agent Adam Klay is home to bury his father, not to fall in love. Improbably, it fell into his lap.

Micah Ryan’s been running on remote since his family died; the arrival of Adam Klay brings to life feelings Micah never thought he’d feel again.

A series of ominous events force Adam to face his feelings, can he protect Micah from a killer’s crosshairs without losing his heart?

Storm Season is a dual POV about a terminally grouchy Federal Agent who discovers his softer side and a sweet man who thought he had nothing to live for. The Accidental Roots series follows a different couple in each book as they try to stop killers and unravel a human trafficking ring.

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My Review:

I live near the Skagit region in the Pacific Northwest, so I can attest to the storms (even if the town is made up).  Torrential rain alternating with occasional bursts of quick sunshine that you revel in because it’s not going to last.  Sometimes that rain can go on for days and you wonder if it’s ever going to stop.

Micah Ryan has lived there his entire life – except a stint away at university.  While he was gone, his parents and beloved sister died.  He returned to the family home and has lived it in ever since, struggling to survive while mired in grief, anxiety, and a clumsiness that brings unwanted attention whenever he goes out.

Adam Klay is the opposite of Micah.  The Federal Agent is confident, competent, and nimble.  He’s also one of the best investigators in the bureau who never takes a day off.  When his father’s estate needs to be settled, his mentor and boss sends him north from California to dreary Washington State with the mission of settling ghosts to rest once and for all.  In that way, he is very like Micah – having unresolved issues with his parents.  Adam grew up with a father who was an artistic genius and a terrible parent.  The stories of what Adam endured growing up were harrowing – the emotional abuse rather than anything physical.  Was it any wonder he ran from town as soon as he was able to join an organization that thrives on order, hierarchy, and continuity?  A steady force.  The exact opposite of the chaos he endured as a child.

So when Adam sees the clumsy Micah over and over again at the local coffee shop, something clicks.  He feels empathy for the man and, eventually, they speak.  It’s the night they meet at the only gay bar in town that things take a turn.  In the arms of another man, Micah isn’t awkward.  He isn’t clumsy.  He comes apart in a way that takes Adam’s breath away.

But all is not as it seems.  Bodies of young women are turning up.  A local charity that is supposed to protect teenagers is coming into question.  People are dying.  Fires are being set.  Life is turning chaotic for everyone involved.  And suddenly Micah’s past – the past he’d believed long left behind – comes roaring back.  Suddenly there are bad people at every turn and all is not as it seems.

Okay, so plenty of mystery.  And most of it was logical and made sense.  Except Micah did one thing that made me want to pull my hair out.  Okay, it moved the plot forward, but I was like, really?  He’s that, uh, stupid?  A minor point but it did niggle. (In case you couldn’t guess.)  Aside from that, I enjoyed the book.  From the emotional struggle Adam goes through sorting through his father’s belongings, to Micah’s necessity to finally deal with his parents and sister’s passing, there was plenty to sink my teeth into.

This is book 1 in the Accidental Roots series and I can’t wait for the next one.  On to narration – I enjoy Nick Gallagher’s narration but there were technical problems and if you use high volume, they are apparent.  Not enough to detract from the enjoyment, but there nonetheless.  Overall I enjoyed the book and I look forward to more.

My Rating:

8.5/10 Pots of Gold (85% Recommended) – Compares to 4.25/5 Stars

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Author/imaginator & photographer (also rare Pacific Northwest Native), Elle grew up in Seattle, WA., with the Cascade Mountain range to the east and Olympics to the west.

Elle shares her life with between three to five cats (depending on who’s counting), an extremely patient fiancé and a flock of young adults. She’s lived in four US states, London England, and Hong Kong; always knows what time it is, and has little problem finding parking even in the most difficult places.

Elle’s series made its debut spring of 2017. Accidental Roots, is set in the Skagit Valley of Western Washington. Writing has always been a passion but not something she was able to take seriously until recently, some journeys are longer than others. Now her head is full of ideas and not enough time in each day. As far as we know she wasn’t actually raised by wolves.

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