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Erryn reviews ‘News Boy’ by Susan Hawke. The ebook was published July 26, 2020 and is 88 pages. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Michael Dean , released on August 10, 2020 and is 2 hr and 30 mins long. A copy was provided for an honest review.

Why Erryn read this book: I adore daddy kink books.

Neil needs a bodyguard and a keeper. Fortunately, Brody can be both. 

Morning news anchor Neil Klein has a mouth that often gets away from him. When one of the things he says on air puts his life in danger, the bratty “little” resists the bodyguard his producer hires. He doesn’t need anyone to run his life and nobody is going to tell him what to do. At least, that’s what he says when he fires the hot new bodyguard. 

Except that former Ranger Brody Johnson isn’t willing to leave. He was brought in to do a job and he’s going to do it. Neil needs a keeper, that much is obvious. Also clear? The only one uniquely qualified for the position is a protective former Dom with all the skills that a twenty-year military career can teach a man. 

This is a 25k stand-alone novella. Watch out for adorable cats, a little who’s really a middle, and enough Mario references to make you hear the game’s music beeping and booping through your mind. You’ll probably catch yourself giggling out loud, but what else can you expect from a Susan Hawke book?

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Erryn’s Review: 

Neil is known for his snark.  He’s an anchor on a morning show and his comments make him an audience favorite.  For the most part they’re harmless fun, but occasionally they cross the line.  When he angers (justifiably) a convicted felon, he learns the hard way that he can’t always say whatever crosses his mind.

Brody Johnson endured some horrible overseas during a deployment with the Rangers.  He returns questioning a lot about himself.  When his friend offers him a job babysitting – sorry bodyguarding – a brat, Brody’s in.  How hard can it be?  Well, when Neil is out in public it’s not too hard.  But when they’re alone in Neil’s house?  When Neil’s true nature comes out?  Well, that’s a whole different playtime.

Neil is a middle which is a few years older than a little but far below a teen.  He doesn’t need a sippy cup, to be sure, but he obviously needs a daddy.  Given his high-profile job, it’s not like he can head down to the nearest BDSM club and pick someone up.  Brody tried being a daddy and it didn’t work out.  After all he’s been through, he’s leery to try again.  Except Neil is going to land himself in even more trouble if someone doesn’t take a firm hand.  Vegetables, bedtimes, timeouts – so many rules!  But they calm Neil down and he’s actually better at his job – and his life.

But there is that pesky person who keeps threatening Neil and when he’s in true danger, it’s Brody to the rescue.

Now, I have to mention the adorable kittens because, you know, adorable kittens!  This is another lovely Susan Hawke book and I’m so glad I listened.  Short and sweet.  I would say my only gripe – and it’s a small one – is that Brody was badly injured overseas yet he has no lingering issues.  That didn’t quite strike me the right way, although that level of heaviness wouldn’t have suited the story.

Finally, of course, I have to mention Michael Dean.  He’s always a delight to listen to and he did a great job with this audio.

Erryn’s Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars


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Susan Hawke is more widely known for her mpreg writings as Susi Hawke; this new name is a departure from that. Whether written by Susan or Susi, the books are filled with that all-important love, laughter, and family; the only difference is that this name has no male pregnancy.


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