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‘i promise no lies’ by Annabeth Chatwin Self published October 16, 2020, 78 pages.

Rainbow Gold Reviews is happy to help Annabeth Chatwin celebrate her newest book. Congratulations Annabeth!

When James and Heath were ten, they promised to never to lie to each other— ever. But James comes out during auditions for the school musical, and his formerly inseparable BFF goes MIA. When James corners him, Heath admits it’s not homophobia keeping him away— he’s in love with James and terrified.

Best friends crushing on each other: sounds perfect. But Heath insists he’s straight, and even if he loves James, he can’t let anyone know. Throw in a performance of Fiddler on the Roof and a high school gossip mill— Heath’s drowning. But to be with his kindergarten bestie, Heath has to confront who he really is… then convince James he’s serious. Heath’s scared. He’s crushing hard. And if he wants James, he’s got to make his best friend believe in him.

From the best-selling author of He Called Me Beautiful, I Promise No Lies tells the story of two best friends who want more— and one who has to figure himself out before it’s too late.



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Annabeth has been writing since she could hold a pencil. An English major with an MFA in fiction, she turned to young adult literature after a long time in the freelancing (nonfiction) world. She has been published in Time, The Washington Post, and on The Huffington Post, and appeared numerous times as a guest on both CNN and NPR.

Annabeth has three sons, three dogs, and one very patient husband.

If you are in need of help, please contact the Trevor Project.

Annabeth is always available for free mom hugs at annabethchatwin@yahoo.com.

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