‘City of Perfect Moments’ by Annabeth Chatwin #LGBT #YA #Contemporary #Review

Wendy reviews ‘City of Perfect Moments’ by Annabeth Chatwin. Published December 11, 2020, 118 pages. 

  1. I meet West at a concert, and he decides we should be boyfriends for the night.
  2. We kiss on the subway.
  3. In the morning, he begs me to see him again.
  4. I drive out to his place in Jersey, where we wear fur hats in his hot tub during a blizzard, drinking nonalcoholic mint juleps, no parents in sight.
  5. We catch snowflakes on our tongues.
  6. He recites poetry in public.


Is this real life?

But as I see West more and more, the cracks begin to show. Maybe my manic pixie dream boy isn’t what he seems. Maybe manic pixie dream boys are too weird for the real world, anyway. Maybe my high school would eat him alive. Maybe West is the weird kid.

Maybe I don’t want to be the weird kid with him.

But what if one person’s weird is another person’s beautiful?

From internationally best selling author Annabeth Chatwin comes a book about wild love slamming against hard reality, and choices we make to believe in each other, despite stories the world may want to tell us.

*A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Why I read this book: I enjoy this author and jumped at the chance to read the ARC when asked. 

Boy oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin with this one…

First, let me say that this is one of the top 5 books I’ve read all year. I don’t read a lot of YA. It isn’t the genre that holds the most interest for me but, man, I was sucked right in to the story. 

There were some triggers for me in this book and I think that it was because there were parts of both characters that I could identify with and I was transported to a time when I was both the weird kid that can’t help being odd and the kid that just wants to fit in. I was deeply affected and felt with my whole heart and sobbed at both good times and not so good, throughout the story. Teenagers feel everything with their entire selves and that’s reflected on every page. There was tons of the angst that teens have but it wasn’t overdone or fake. It took me right back to my days as a young adult, only Ms. Chatwin does it with beauty and prose where I just kinda stumbled lol. 

Her awkward boy, West, is beautiful and poetic and deep and smarter than is good for conforming to peer and/or adult pressures. I fell for him in a big way. I wish I could have been just that little bit more of a West when I was growing up. Where I didn’t care what others thought. 

I was more like Malcom, who was afraid of being different. Malcom is one of those characters that might be pushed into a mold and shaped into what almost everyone else wants him to be. What a journey he went on to learn a huge life’s lesson! Sometimes love isn’t the answer to everything. Sometimes you can break things beyond repair. Sometimes it isn’t all about you. Sometimes you need to change things on a deeper level. 

Sometimes you find a story that has the perfect mix of suffering and delights. For me, this was that story. 

Beautifully written, genuine and heartfelt. 

10/10 Pots of Gold or 100% recommended

Annabeth has been writing since she could hold a pencil. An English major with an MFA in fiction, she turned to young adult literature after a long time in the freelancing (nonfiction) world. She has been published in Time, The Washington Post, and on The Huffington Post, and appeared numerous times as a guest on both CNN and NPR.

Annabeth has three sons, three dogs, and one very patient husband.

If you are in need of help, please contact the Trevor Project.

Annabeth is always available for free mom hugs at annabethchatwin@yahoo.com.




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