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Erryn reviews Kick Back (Assassin’s Claws Book 3) by Susi Hawke. The book was published June 25, 2020 and is 124 pages. The audiobook was published December 5,2020. It is narrated by Drew Bacca and is 3 hrs and 9 mins length.  A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Watch out for the Assassin’s Claws…. 

Dearil Moreno is a paid killer, just like his four brothers. It’s the family business – they fight together, they die together. Whether they’re working as a group or alone, they are a tight unit of people who protect their own. When the brothers learn a contract is available to assassinate a priest – a good man known to their family as someone who works with the underground to rescue omegas – they accept it with the intention of doing the exact opposite of what they’ve been hired to do. 

Dearil is the brother known for two things…his sassy wardrobe and even sassier sense of snark. A true ginger, this omega isn’t afraid of anyone and has the attitude to prove it. When he agrees to take this mission, the last thing Dear expects is to discover the priest is also his true mate. 

Father Nathaniel Clarence is about to retire from his parish on the island nation of Aurelia. He’s stunned when he scents his true mate during his final church service. The discovery that his mate is a hired killer here to rescue him is an interesting twist, but the one thing Nathaniel has in abundance is faith that everything will work out as it’s meant to. 

Before the alpha will truly be safe, the Moreno brothers need to find out who hired them in the first place. As they travel across Europe in search of the truth, a 33-year-old mystery is solved, and the two men find that home really is where the heart is…and the fates don’t make mistakes. Not even when they pair a priest with an assassin. 

This novella is the third book in the Assassin’s Claws series. Note: While mpreg exists in this world, we won’t have a birth in every book. This book contains killer cats, ninja bunnies, and a snarky omega who has no idea how to pray. Get ready for naughty-knotty fun and low-ball humor as only Susi Hawke can provide.

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My review:

Father Nathanial has done his time.  He’s served as an Anglican priest for half his life, and it’s time to hang up the cassock.  During his final service, though, he scents his fated mate.  Dearil is the red-headed child of the Moreno family.  He’s an omega assassin who dresses snappily, and always has a snarky comeback.  Like all Susi Hawke books, there’s plenty of sass to go around in this one.

At the heart of this story lies two mysteries.  One involving Nathaniel’s past and one involving his present circumstances.  So the question is – who hired the Morenoes to kill the priest?  And will Nathaniel find the one person he’s missed most over the last thirty-three years?

Plenty of fun in the book.  There was even more of the Moreno clan including the matriarch who left an impression on me.  And there were ninja bunnies, killer cats, and sex.  Always sex.

The late Kenneth Obi narrated the first two books and although I miss him, Drew Bacca picked up the series and filled in beautifully.  He’s great with the snark.  So, another cute story in the assassin world and a little tiny bundle of joy at the end.

My rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

I’m a total fan of M/PREG Paranormal Romances, first and foremost as a reader. I’m excited to share my own omegaverse(s) with you. What’s not to love about adorable Omegas and the Alpha men who love them? If I’m not writing about men sporting baby bumps, I’m definitely reading about them!

I’m a native of Las Vegas, NV, so I’m pre-wired to love everything weird ~ although I don’t find any kind of love to be weird. I’m a cis woman who’s been happily married to the same lovable lug for 18 years. We have a 16yr old son, well, at least I think we do? Either that, or we have a ghost that eats all our food and uses up all wifi playing xbox while screaming into a headset.

As a new author, it’s been amazing to find the amount of support that I’ve been given from readers and my fellow authors. Feel free to message me, I love to chat with fellow readers. Am I a reader? Heck yeah! In fact, I’m never certain that I can completely trust an author who isn’t a fellow bibliophile.

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