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Wendy reviews ‘Finding His Boy’ by K.D. Ryan. Self published March 25, 2021, 96k words.


Finding his way in life all on his own hadn’t been easy for eighteen-year-old Elliot Hedrick, but he’d managed to hold it all together so far.

Even though it was just by the skin of his teeth.

Between his warehouse job and pursuing a career as a professional ballet dancer, he’d been working sixteen-hour days and was still barely making ends meet.

He was fraying at the seams. And he was so damn lonely.

There was nobody for him to lean on, nobody to come to his rescue when things fell apart—it was all up to him to achieve his dreams.

Then suddenly Grant Weston charged into Elliot’s life, his knight in shining armor—literally and figuratively—and despite their twenty-year age gap, Grant couldn’t seem to leave the boy alone. Even though Grant knew he should.

There were too many obstacles between them—and not just their ages. Grant had secrets of his own, ghosts from his past that made him hold back from taking what he really wanted from Elliot.

And what Grant wanted was to make Elliot his boy.

To have a true partner.

But Grant was afraid to trust himself—afraid that history would repeat itself and leave him with a broken heart yet again.

Is age really just a number, or will the years between them end their relationship before it can even start?


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Grant knew he should pull back, he should close the door—that would be the smart thing to do. He should be respectful of Elliot’s privacy.

Because if he crossed this line, there would be no going back—all of his noble rationalizing about not taking advantage of Elliot’s vulnerability would be out the window.

But fuck, the boy was incredibly gorgeous—the planes of his slim muscular body highlighted in a soft blue glow from the moon, his face a study in shadow and light. He looked so young, so vulnerable, and so ripe for the taking. Exposed, ready for Grant to sink his teeth into the pale expanse of flesh on display, to mark Elliot as his.

If Grant stepped further into the room now—and he wanted to, oh he’d never wanted anything so badly in his life, he could taste the wanting like metal on his tongue—where would that choice bring them?

Because the boy had no clue what Grant wanted to do to him.

He couldn’t know how Grant wanted to use him. To flay him wide open with word and action and touch, and pick apart the soft tender insides of him, to leave him wanting and vulnerable and his. To deliver the safety and comfort and pleasure that his boy craved and that only he—Grant—could give.

Grant’s own possession.

His boy.

Those words—his boy—they acted like a bucket of cold water—a wave of uncertainty and apprehension to temporarily subdue his lust. Was this just history repeating itself? Would Elliot realize a year down the line that Grant couldn’t give him what he wanted, and Grant would be left high and dry once again?

Could Grant risk his heart like that again? The thought of sharing that experience with someone, only for his heart to be trampled, handled carelessly, and discarded…

He should leave now, back out and pretend he’d never been here. Just leave and act like nothing had changed the next day. Leave this beautiful boy whole and innocent and let someone else break him in gently, softly, like he deserved. Someone he could grow with, change with, learn with.

Fuck, he was a coward.

But then.

But then Elliot opened his eyes. And he parted his lips. And he kept on pumping his hand up and down as he locked his eyes with Grant’s, his heated gaze burning with open desire.

Desire for Grant.

And Grant knew he couldn’t walk away.

It’s really no secret that Daddy kink is my jam. A few months ago I went on a binge and read at least 2 a day for an entire month, no lie. And I still crave a good Daddy kink book, I don’t care what the age gap is, I don’t care what the dynamic is (if the boy is a little or a middle, if there’s ABDP and the exchange is 24/7 or if it is just done during scheduled times as a scene.), I love it all and can’t get enough. So I was super happy to see this one pop up in our email and I grabbed it right up. 

One of the common themes in the dynamic is that the “boy” or “little” is usually in need of finding someone to trust enough to be able to “let go” of all the stress life has thrust upon them. Elliot is no exception. He’s 18, had to drop out of school and become emancipated when his father passed away and is working while also in a ballet troupe. He’s got that innocent/naive vibe and is kind and sweet and the kind of person that you can’t help but love and want to help and protect…or prey on. 

The first scene in the book was an example of the latter, but thankfully Daddy Grant was there to save the day. I found it very small town quaint that these two would have known each other from Grant’s days as a high school teacher and Elliot as one of his students. It gave them a bit of history and background that you don’t normally get in a romance novel. 

These two have their struggles and there’s just the right amount of angst to tug at your heartstrings as they make their way to their HEA.

The story was well written and I very much enjoyed this book. 

9/10 Pots of Gold or 90% recommended

Just a dreamer fueled by coffee who’s been writing about love that comes in all forms since she got her first word processor. Passionate bibliophile and lover of science, caretaker of humans and friend to dogs.


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