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Erryn reviews ‘Love’s Lawyer (The Fearless Heart Book 1)’ by Janice Jarrell. The ebook was released by the author on April 29, 2020 and is 268 pgs long. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Walker Williams, released on March 4, 2021 and is 8 hrs and 42 mins long.  A copy was provided in exchange for honest reviews.

Why I read this book: I love Colin and Josh..

Colin Campbell had been a champion all his life. Nothing had ever beaten him, not even a drug lord’s bullet. And he approached law school the same way he approached everything in life, with cocky confidence fizzing through his veins like ginger ale. He had it all. He had the looks, the brains, the experience, the know-how and he also had the love of his life at his side. He couldn’t be defeated. 

But he hadn’t counted on the gravitas of law school, the reading, the preparation, the cases, the competition, the Socratic Method, the concepts, the grading curve, the expectations, the finals, memos, study groups, outlines…all of it piled and heaped upon those preparing for a career as an attorney until it wasn’t surprising that some of them simply imploded under the weight of it all. 

Suddenly Colin was spinning out of control, scrambling to keep up, rarely ever seeing Joshua. His grades slumped as he tried desperately to balance the opposing forces in his life, but his only solution was stretching himself thinner and thinner, until he feared he’d be torn in two. Joshua pleaded with him to slow down, but Colin refused to lighten his load and the path before them grew darker and darker. 

They’d been through so much and survived. Would law school be the storm they could not weather? Would it do what a drug lord’s bullet could not – hand Colin Campbell the bitter defeat he never believed he’d have to face? 

Or would the man he loved find a way to draw him back from the abyss.

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My Review:

I have loved this author’s work from the beginning.  Colin and Josh pulled me in.  Colin with his cocky Irish charm and no-nonsense attitude.  Josh with his loving heart and his desire to help other people.  Josh is a counsellor and it brought him into conflict with Colin and things were pretty heated, but soon the men realized they were attracted to each other.  That attraction soon morphed into more and despite their differences – or perhaps because of them – they fell in love.

Next came the realities of the relationship.  Josh has a stressful job and Colin’s a cop.  He was there for the Charlottesville riots and the level of hatred Colin witnessed had a profound impact on him.  Then he got shot and nearly died.  That nearly broke Josh who wanted to be supportive but also struggled to keep his stubborn Irishman from pushing too hard in rehab.  Colin is disdainful of weakness and his biggest fear is that Josh not see him as completely competent.

When the lustre falls away from being a cop, and Colin realizes Josh will never be comfortable with Colin’s career again, a new challenge emerges.

Law School.

And Colin isn’t just going to finish a three-year program in two years, he’s going to be the best.  No matter the cost – to him personally or to his relationship with Josh.

Josh is all-in.  He’s supportive of Colin’s new passion but watching his husband fall apart isn’t part of the marriage vow he can abide by.  It’s not an easy go and more than once I wanted to knock some sense into the Irishman.

I had worried about an entire book being about law school.  Certainly no action to be found here.  But there was conflict.  Conflict from all sides.  Poor Colin just couldn’t seem to catch a break – although a lot of it was self-inflicted.  I enjoyed the book.  This is the first book in a new series and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

And I’ll mention narrator Walker Williams.  He’s perfect for the series and I can’t imagine anyone else doing such a great job.  Can’t wait for the next one.

My Rating:

9/10 Pots of Gold (90% Recommended) – Compares to 4.5/5 Stars

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My name is Jan Jarrell. I am a retired grandmother who lives in Seattle, WA. I’ve been writing gay romance since I was twelve years old, only back then it wasn’t called ‘gay romance’. In fact, it had no name at all. It was the fifty’s, and it was worth your life to admit to being gay, let alone confess to being a girl who constantly fantasized about relationships between gay men. Hell, I didn’t even know what a homosexual was. I lived on a farm out in the sticks in a tiny Michigan village and I’d never, to my knowledge, even heard the word. I just knew I loved the thought of boy on boy romance. I just knew that there was something hot going on between Tom Corbett and his Space Cadets and all those guys on ‘Combat’. 

I wrote slash fanfiction for 30 years, writing over 337 stories, some as short as 100 words (a drabble) some as long as a series which was over 119,012 words. I enjoy writing my stories. I enjoyed the feedback I received from my readers. It was a creative release I’d been searching for my entire life and I blessed the Internet for leading me to this artistic oasis for my spirit.

Love’s Magic was my very first step into writing my own characters. I will always be grateful the slash fanfiction community for nurturing the budding author until she was ready to blossom into a fully realized novelist. It’s been an amazing thing to watch the gay community’s growth over these past twenty years. My own journey has echoed theirs in many ways, and I’m grateful to all those gay activists who fought to give the gay community the rights and privileges they always deserved.

I’m also grateful to the gay romance community, readers, authors, publishers and promoters, who are making these, my retirement years, the most creative ones of my life.

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