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Erryn reviews ‘Confused Hearts (A Hometown Jasper Novel)’ by Nicky James. This book was released by the author on August 6, 2020, and is 252 pgs long. The audiobook version of this story was narrated by Nick J. Russo.  It was released on February 4, 2021, and is 9 hrs and 8 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I loved Clashing Hearts and wanted Knox’s story.


Let me get one thing straight. 

I am not in love with my best friend. My heart isn’t broken, and there is no “he” who’s going to swoop in and magically make it all better. Whatever that crazy psychic says, it’s not true! 

I’m Knox MacKenzie, and I’m straight as an arrow. I like girls – even though they don’t always like me back. If my heart beats a little faster and my tummy gets a bit wobbly when the local bartender sets his fascinating eyes on me, it’s no one’s business but my own.


Unrequited love might suck, but it brought Jasper, the loneliest man in small town, to my brewery. Knox has no idea how transparent he is – even when the batty old psychic tells him the truth to his face. 

But Knox is convinced he’s straight. He’s convinced she’s confused. Well, I’m convinced those looks we share mean more. 

What Knox needs is a friend to help him forget his broken heart and figure out who he truly is.

A low-angst, bisexual awakening, MM romance novel.


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My Review:

I met Knox in Clashing Hearts and was a little irritated with him.  He was so protective of his best friend Easton that he couldn’t see city slicker Lachlan might be good for East.  That the two men might be meant for each other.  That theirs was destined to be a forever kind of love.  Knox has kept waiting for Lachlan to tire of the little town of Jasper and to take off.  Back to the big city of Edmonton.  But Lachlan knows what he wants – and that’s a life with Easton and for them to adopt Percy, a little boy the men both adore.  A cute little family in a nice new house Lachlan built just for Easton.

Knox is beginning to see the writing on the wall.

So when East asks him to be best man, he agrees.  He’s missed his friend and he vows to try to suck it up.  But his heart is broken.  And he doesn’t know why.

Then he meets Lucky and everything changes.  Lucky has bi-coloured eyes that enchant.  A winning smile that makes Knox’ belly flutter.  And a generous spirit that has Knox visiting the bar where Lucky works.  In fact he soon becomes a regular.  But Lucky needs a friend right now and although he is close to the town gossip (better known as the reporter), he feels drawn to Knox.  When he finally reveals his secret, Knox is there to support him.

Then there’s the batty old psychic whose predictions eerily come true.

Knox is afraid to see what’s right in front of him.  Lucky.  Because he’s attracted to women, right?  Okay, hasn’t always worked out.  Okay, maybe never worked out.  But that’s because he’s short and, in his opinion, a little heavy.  Of course Lucky sees him as perfect.  He doesn’t see the perceived flaws, he sees the beautiful generous caring man underneath.  So the questions are – can Knox admit he’s attracted to Lucky and can Lucky solve a problem that has doggedly followed him his entire life?  I’m in his position, so I really wanted him to have a good outcome.  And he had one I found satisfying, so thank you Ms. James.

In case you can’t tell, I really enjoyed this book.  Watching Knox struggle was made all the sweeter when he got his head out of his ass.  And the set up for the next book is great.  And it just came out on audio, so guess what I’m doing next?

Finally, I love Nick J. Russo.  He does a great job with these books and I honestly can’t wait for the next one.

My Rating:

10/10 Pots of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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I live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and I am a mother to a wonderful teenage boy (didn’t think those words could be typed together…surprise) and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn’t think I’m crazy.

I have always had two profound dreams in life. To fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since only one of these was a possibility I decided to make the other come alive on paper.

I write mm romance novels that take place in fantastical medieval-type settings and love to use the challenges of the times to give my stories and characters life.

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