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Erryn reviews The Devoted Alpha (West Coast Wolves Book 3) by Susi Hawke. The book was published February 24, 2021 and is 270 pages. The audiobook was published May 18, 2021. It is narrated by Nick J. Russo and is 8 hrs and 25 mins length.  A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

An awkward, traumatized omega and a patient alpha determined to court him properly…fate has a way of righting old wrongs.

Stolen from his mother’s arms and reported stillborn at birth, Tom spent nearly 21 years in structured captivity with other stolen omegas. His brothers. A dozen omegas, each with a secret superpower, who now must learn a whole new skill – how to thrive in a modern world.

Not every brother emerged from their past unscathed, and Tom had the worst of it. His key to survival was a healthy respect for rules. Now that he’s free, he’s still a little bit obsessive and a whole lot compulsive. He’s got anxiety, fear of change…and a list of plans for his future.

None of which involved finding a fated mate.

But if they had? His plans definitely wouldn’t have been to meet his dream alpha while smelling of afterbirth and the blood of an enemy killed in defense of his pregnant brother – the same brother whose child he then had to deliver…post-shift and naked.

If he’d been planning, if he’d made a list and checked it twice, Tom never could’ve designed an alpha more perfectly devoted than the delicious one fate put in front of him during one of the craziest days of his life…an alpha so patient, he insists on courting the skittish omega.

The West Coast Wolves is an mpreg series about five alphas. A small pack of bikers who spent years riding the highways and helping those in need until fate gave them each a pack to lead. This full-length novel is Nick’s story. Prepare yourself for a romantic courtship, a perfect first kiss, and more feels and giggles than you can handle. But then again, this is a Susi Hawke book so what else can you expect?

Possible triggers for child abduction, trafficking both past and present, and haunting memories of past abuse that included both humiliation and the non-penetrative molestation of a teenager by a person in authority.

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My review:

Tom was one of the omegas rescued from the farm where he’d been held – raised to eventually be auctioned off.  He’s been taught omegas were to serve alphas.  He’d been beaten down – emotionally if not physically.  Suddenly he’s free, and all the rules are gone.  He’s free to pick his own name.  Chart his own path.  Follow the learning that will supplement his innate understanding of healing.  He delivered a baby in the last book and his story in this book begins with him – naked after just having executed such a miracle.  He’s a mess but then he scents his fated mate.

Not the most auspicious beginning.

Nick, said alpha, is undaunted.  He’s been running with his group of wayward alphas in a motorcycle club up and down the West Coast of California.  One by one, those alphas – many second born sons – are finding their calling.  Nick’s purpose has been to help a community, but he’s not drawn to the kind of leadership necessary to rule a pack.  Then an opportunity lands in his lap and he suddenly has a purpose in life.  Well, a purpose beyond wooing his fated mate.  Nick recognizes Tom’s need for order.  He reacts with kindness and understanding for the obsessive-compulsive tendencies.  He also perceives Tom’s lack of trust in alphas – especially when it comes to sexuality.  Nick never pushes, and eventually Tom reveals what happened to him as a teenager.


But a bond forms.  Then they are called upon to help, and boy do they get involved.  Their entire lives change in the blink of an eye – for the better.  Suddenly they have the family they both crave.

These are very dark books touching tough topics, but they are also books about second chances, redemption, and finding a way to be happy despite your upbringing.  And Nick J. Russo narrates these stories brilliantly and I’m so glad he’s part of the project.  Two more stories to go.  I can’t wait.

My rating:

9.5/10 Pots of Gold (95% Recommended) – Compares to 4.75/5 Stars

Susi Hawke

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I’m a total fan of M/PREG Paranormal Romances, first and foremost as a reader. I’m excited to share my own omegaverse(s) with you. What’s not to love about adorable Omegas and the Alpha men who love them? If I’m not writing about men sporting baby bumps, I’m definitely reading about them!

I’m a native of Las Vegas, NV, so I’m pre-wired to love everything weird ~ although I don’t find any kind of love to be weird. I’m a cis woman who’s been happily married to the same lovable lug for 18 years. We have a 16yr old son, well, at least I think we do? Either that, or we have a ghost that eats all our food and uses up all wifi playing xbox while screaming into a headset.

As a new author, it’s been amazing to find the amount of support that I’ve been given from readers and my fellow authors. Feel free to message me, I love to chat with fellow readers. Am I a reader? Heck yeah! In fact, I’m never certain that I can completely trust an author who isn’t a fellow bibliophile.

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