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Erryn reviews ‘Meant to be Gay’ by Lara Hale. The ebook was published April 1, 2021 and was 199 pages.The audiobook version of this story was narrated by J.R. Pyfferoen, released May 20, 2021 and is 4 hrs and 22 mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read this book:  I enjoyed the first book in the series.

I found a little notebook, but it isn’t the address book I was looking for. It’s a…it’s a journal. I kept a journal! I begin to read, and the first date goes back to less than three years ago – I read things that don’t make sense.

I love him so much! I don’t think I could’ve survived what I did to my mom if it wasn’t for him. He is always there for me and thank God for that.

I move a few pages down to a later date’s entry and find more comments about a man. A man I supposedly love.

The therapist wants me to tell him about my past, but how exactly do you tell the man you love that your mother is dead because of you? How do I tell the man I love that the reason I refuse to call my dad is because of the shame and guilt I’ve been carrying around?

I stop reading. So many questions are making my head hurt. What did I do that killed my mom? Who the hell is he? Could it be Scotland? He often acts as if he loves me, but I still think he’s keeping secrets from me. Who can I trust after the accident that took my memory away?

Is he really just my roommate?

Meant to Be Gay is a gay story with mature content intended for 18+. This story mentions mental illness and suicide.

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My review:

I enjoyed the first book in the series, and so was happy to pick up this one.  I adored Harvey and Tobias and was thrilled to see them building their own little family.  Harvey’s friendship to Scotland is what pulls them into this book.

Ah, Scotland.  Appropriately named.  He is living the perfect life.  He has his boyfriend Mason, they have a lovely house, and they’re getting married.  But the stress over the wedding is getting to Mason, but he loves Scotland so he’s dealing.  Then a horrific car crash stops everything, including Mason’s memory.  Ten years, in a snap, are missing.  He doesn’t remember Scotland.  Doesn’t remember his mother’s death.  Doesn’t remember his estrangement from his sister and father.  All of it – just gone.

I think we’ve all had that transitory thought of ‘what if I lost my memory’?  For those of us passing middle age and into our senior years, the reality is that much closer.  So I wondered how Mason would cope.  How Scotland would cope.  Especially since Mason somehow doesn’t remember that he’s gay.

The solution is for Mason to go back to a home he doesn’t remember with a man he doesn’t know who claims to be his roommate.  Now, the one point that kind of stretched me a bit was Mason was seriously hurt in a car crash and then he comes home with not even a twinge of pain.  I’ve been in even minor collisions where the pain stuck around longer.  But I digress.

This is obviously killing Scotland – watching the man he loves and not being able to express that love.  Wanting to help but not being able to.  Mason, for his part, senses there’s more but can’t articulate it.  Eventually the men restart their relationship with Mason accepting he’s gay.  Then something else happens and everything is thrown back into chaos.

The story has a happy ending which I was glad of.  Mason and Scotland had to overcome a ton off hurdles, but I guess true love always wins the day.  J.R. Pyfferoen is a newer narrator to me but I enjoy his performances.  Can’t wait to see what comes next.

My rating:

8/10 Pots of Gold – Compares to 4/5 Stars

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Writing an ‘About Me’ section should be easy, right? Especially when you are a writer. Believe me, it isn’t. Writing about oneself is more difficult than coming up with an entire story because you can judge the characters, improve them, and/or make people hate them. You can control all emotions felt toward them. You can’t do that with yourself.

I am thirty-two years old, and I first started writing in 2018. After a back injury that changed my lifestyle and my willingness to do pretty much anything fun, I decided to start reading, which I always said I hated—ironically.
Funny how the right story can change your entire perspective, right?

I started reading romance novels; I found them so exciting and packed with emotions. I often found myself crying over something someone made up and I couldn’t believe a book could have that much power. Then one day, I decided to write my own story—Against All Odds. I can tell you with certainty that the story needs to be completely re-written because of all the mistakes in it, but I’ve learned so much since I first started. The one thing I learned about myself that surprised me the most was that I was apparently good at this writing thing. That, I never saw coming.

At first, I started writing what most people see as “regular romance novels,” but it wasn’t after I read the first Gay Romance that I understood, MM Romance was my thing. I love writing about two men exploring life as no others know, sometimes not even themselves. There is just something so powerful about men putting their guards down for each other. Plus, the steamy times can get wild. I like creating flawed characters that make mistakes, characters that go through anything us human beings can go through. One of my favorite things to do when I write is research. Why? Because I love educating through my stories. I love showing people that it is okay to love who you love regardless of their gender. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. It is okay to make jokes and find comedy through the most challenging times.

I love animals and I believe all animals have the right to live and breathe like any other sentient. I have two dogs, both of them rescued/adopted. There is Thunder, the big brother, the protective grumpy one, and then you have Lightning, the crazy one that runs into anything and trips over his own feet.

I don’t have much more to say, for now, other than to ask you to be kind because I am a newly self-published author without the funds to pay for a professional editor yet.

Thank you always,

Lara H.XO 

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