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Erryn reviews ‘The Dichotomy of Angels’ by N.R. Walker.  The book was self-published on December 26, 2019 and is 327 pages.  The audiobook was narrated by Nick J. Russo.  It was released June 15, 2020 and is 9hrs and 54mins long. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Why I read: I loved the book and was looking forward to the audio.

Nathaniel and Chasan are no ordinary angels.

Destiny chose them to be twin flames, fated mates. But Nathaniel has avoided Chasan for nearly a thousand years.

When sent to Earth on a mission to live and work together, Nathaniel comes face-to-face with his destiny. Short-tempered, petulant, and grumpy, he hates the idea of being fated to anyone and has chosen an existence of isolation rather than spending time with the calm, kind, and serene Chasan. 
But now he has no choice.

One is fire, the other is air; a true dichotomy of angels. Together they will be ignited, or they will be extinguished. This assignment will seal their fate either way.

* * *

85,000 words. A sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious story about love, destiny, and other heavenly disasters.

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See Erryn and Bethany’s review of the book here.

Erryn’s thoughts:

As I reread my review for the book, everything still resonated.  I still enjoyed the book.  I still enjoyed the humor.  I still enjoyed the banter.

I still related to Nathaniel.  Yes, I’m still a pretty dark put-upon soul who struggles, and often fails, to find the positive in life.  I have a few Chasan-types in my life.  Unflaggingly positive.  Unfailingly optimistic.  Unendingly endearing.

The contrast between the two men still struck me.  And I still wanted to go to the part of heaven where all the dogs live.  I miss my first dog and the thought of knowing she’s frolicking somewhere touches me.  As an atheist, I know it’s not likely real.  But this book has an amusing take on religion that I think is benign.  It’s not meant as some great theological debate.  It’s a book for fun and for ponderance.  And yes, I cried again.  Even knowing what was coming, I cried.  Will everyone?  No, probably not.  Am I sappier than many people?  Yep, I’ll own that.

I’m so glad I had the chance to listen to the audio, and I have to say I adored Nick J. Russo as the narrator.  He was just perfect.  When N.R. and Nick work together, magic happens.  So I recommend going out and grabbing this one.  Keep tissue handy and know you might laugh out loud.

Erryn’s Rating:

10/10 Points of Gold (100% Recommended) – Compares to 5/5 Stars

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N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance. She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things…but likes it even more when they fall in love. She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since…

One thought on “The Dichotomy of Angels by N.R. Walker #Audio #LGBTQ #MMRomance #Angels #TwinFlames

  1. Hmm, I normally wouldn’t have considered reading this book but now I’m definitely interested. Thanks for the review (and for adding to my TBR mountain range, lol).

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